08 Feb, 2017

Extreme Heat Services for Rough Sleepers

The State Government is the lead agency with respect to homeless and vulnerable people. However, Council responds quickly to requests for assistance to support State Government action when necessary.

The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) coordinates a multi-agency response to extreme heat and they have activated Code Red for the next two days.

Homelessness Services will be providing rough sleepers with bottled water, sunscreen and information regarding overnight emergency relief/accommodation during the current extreme heat. Support for rough sleepers is available through the SA Homelessness Gateway 1800 003 308.

These centres are open for rough sleepers during the current extreme heat.

Hutt St Centre

258 Hutt St

Wednesday 8th, 7am-1pm

Thursday 9th, 6am-1pm

Friday 10th, 6am-1pm

Saturday 11th - closed

WestCare Centre

11-19 Millers Court

Wednesday 8th, 9am-7am Thursday (overnight, dinner provided)

Thursday 9th, 9am-10pm

Friday 10th, 9am-10pm

Saturday 11th, 6am-10pm

Trace a Place

135 Currie St

For youth

Wednesday 8th, 7am-7pm

Thursday 9th, 7am-7pm

Friday 10th, 7am-7pm

Saturday 11th, 12pm-5pm

Youth 110 (foyer)

110 Waymouth Street

for young people under 22

Wednesday 8th, 7pm-10pm

Thursday 9th, 7pm-10pm

Friday 10th, 7pm-10pm

Saturday 11th - closed

City of Adelaide is providing the following respite options:

  • The Bus Station is available for respite from the heat during usual opening hours, 6am – 9.30pm 7 days a week.
  • Libraries and Community Centres are public spaces available for respite and use of services during usual operating hours.