16 Nov, 2017

Defence science activity at old Royal Adelaide Hospital

Around 100 Australian Defence Force personnel and 80 researchers will take part in an international defence science challenge at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital from 20 November to 1 December to test new technologies to better protect soldiers and civilians involved in urban conflict zones.

The Technical Cooperation Program Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge – CUE Adelaide 2017 – is not a military exercise, but a way to investigate new and emerging technologies that offer the potential to reduce risks to our soldiers operating in an urban conflict overseas and the innocent civilian inhabitants.

Participants in CUE Adelaide 2017 will be working out of the old vacated Adelaide Dental Hospital and neighbouring residential wing of the old Royal Adelaide Hospital and will be mostly out of public view. The area will be clearly signposted. For realism, participants will be wearing camouflage clothing and carrying equipment, including UNLOADED weapons.

For more general information on the CUE Adelaide 2017 field research activity please visit www.dst.defence.gov.au/cue17