08 Apr, 2015

CRAFT ANONYMOUS begins at the Adelaide Town Hall

Craft Anonymous brings together South Australian regional and metropolitan textile, glass, metal and ceramic artists for exhibition in the iconic Adelaide Town Hall from 9 April to 5 June.

City of Adelaidelor Natasha Malani said this exhibition shows Council’s on-going commitment to showcasing the work of South Australian artists.

“Providing platforms for artists to show their work is a key objective of City of Adelaide and we’re really excited to highlight the work of five regional South Australian artists alongside four Adelaide-based artists at the Adelaide Town Hall,” said Natasha.

“The pieces show how craft isn’t just for hobbyist or amateur artists but how they’re also works that are cutting-edge highlighting a contemporary arts practice.

Polly Dance, City of Adelaide’s Emerging Curator said, “I believe that there is a place for craft, handiwork and the handmade within the twenty-first century art world context, and fortunately South Australia has a rich pool of craftoholics.”

“The works that have been selected for this exhibition include recent work by five regional South Australian and four Adelaide-based artists whose practices transverse textile, glass, metal and ceramic media. These self-confessed craft addicts have employed traditional techniques such as weaving, embroidery, knitting, felting, enamelling and hand-dying, while framing their work within a contemporary art context; where old meets new.

“The artists have dedicated numerous hours to perfecting and finely crafting handmade works of art in what is often a painstaking but pleasurable process of making and through making with one’s own hands, the artists tell their story.

“Craft Anonymous approaches ideas around the body: approaching themes of adornment, embellishment, desire and disgust and identity: public/ private, femininity/ masculinity, domesticity, place, family history and a sense of belonging,” said Polly.

This exhibition has been assisted by Country Arts SA, in collaboration with Eleanor Scicchitano, Visual Arts Coordinator. Craft Anonymous aims to extend exhibition and professional development opportunities for artists and to encourage further exchange between metropolitan and regional artists and audiences.

For more information on Craft Anonymous or Public Art in the City please visit cityofadelaide.com.au/your-community/culture-history/public-art/

Artists: Louise Byrne, Annabelle Collett, Cindy Durant, Robyn Finlay, Wayne Mcara, Deborah Prior, Patricia Rose, Sera Waters, Meg Wilson

Curator: Polly Dance, as part of City of Adelaide’s Emerging Curator Program

Exhibition Opening: 5.30pm Thursday 9 April – complimentary refreshments available.

Adelaide Town Hall Level 1, 128 King William Street, Adelaide

Opening Speakers: Craig Harrison, Manager, Artform Development, Country Arts SA and David Kerr, Manager, Design & Development, South Australian Museum

Artist & Curator Talk: 4-5pm Friday 10 April at Adelaide Town Hall