19 Aug, 2013

Council welcomes $490,000 grant for city safety

Users of the new Adelaide Oval, Riverbank and West End entertainment precincts are set to benefit from a $490,000 Federal Government grant, for the City of Adelaide to introduce new safety initiatives.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said the City of Adelaide made the submission to the National Crime Prevention Fund earlier this year to significantly invest in safety improvements for what is about to be a massively busy part of the city.

“The $490,000 will go toward strengthening Council’s already 70 strong CCTV capability, with the installation of five new CCTV cameras and associated infrastructure in the area along King William Street, between North Terrace and Adelaide Oval to monitor people movement,” Stephen said.

“The grant will also fund the installation of sophisticated analytical CCTV crime predictor software which further enhances safety for the community by identifying potential risks based on crowd behaviours. This active monitoring in turn enables Police to be informed of activities in the area and respond as they see fit.

“This software is the first step in moving Council’s current CCTV system, which is monitored by SA Police, from a reactive system to a proactive system,” he said.

“The grant will also improve lighting and signage along routes from the Oval to the West End to enhance pedestrian movement and safety in these areas.

“With the introduction of AFL to Adelaide Oval we will be seeing between 30,000 and 50,000 more people visiting the CBD on a weekly basis, so this investment is very timely for our overall approach to city safety,” Stephen added.

Deputy Lord Mayor, Dr Michael Llewellyn-Smith said success with this grant is a significant crime prevention outcome for all city users.

“I know the efforts that Council and the State Government, working closely with groups like the Adelaide West End Association, are putting in to improve safety through measures like enhanced CCTV coverage. I’m extremely grateful to the Federal Government for the contribution, which recognises this hard work.

“This is a very positive step toward improving community safety by reducing the risk of crime and anti-social behaviour in this part of the city and North Adelaide,” he said.

North Adelaide based Councillor Anne Moran also welcomed the announcement of funding support.

“I’m pleased that we’re planning ahead and initiating safety improvements like this around what is now a majorly enhanced piece of sporting infrastructure right next to a small but already busy city suburb,” Anne said.

“I know there are a range of safety strategies coming on line for the Stadium like new CCTV; and the new footbridge over the Torrens will improve access to and from the ground for fans. This project further strengthens that work.

“Council already has a strong track record of working with stakeholders to proactively recognise and introduce safety measures to our city and North Adelaide, whether through the installation of LED lighting or the operation of the Green Team initiative in the West End,” she said.

“Council has been working hard to think ahead about impacts of the upgraded Adelaide Oval to the city and North Adelaide.

“Whether it’s developing a new parking strategy to help manage the influx of cars to the area or safety initiatives like this, we are doing what we can to be ready,” Anne added.

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