26 Aug, 2015

Council Decisions: Combatting Anti-Social Behaviour In The Park Lands, And Rainbow Crossing

City of Adelaide tonight voted to develop a series of new strategies to tackle alcohol related anti-social behaviour in the Park Lands.

This will include applying to the Commissioner for Consumer Services, Liquor and Gambling for a 12 month extension to the timed Park Lands dry area until 22 September 2016.

As part of the community consultation and evaluation, a number of strategies have been identified by the Senior Officer’s Group to address alcohol related anti-social behaviour and support vulnerable people with drug and alcohol dependencies.

Sean McNamara, Program Manager, City Safety and Customer Services, said that a further 12 month extension to the Park Lands dry area will provide reassurance to the local community while the strategies are further investigated and implemented.

“The dry area is just one part of an overall management plan involving a number of strategies and a range of services to manage the issues and ensure we have safe and responsible use of the Park Lands,” said Sean.

“The Senior Officer’s Group, in collaboration with health and social services, has identified a range of strategies that aim to address the issues associated with alcohol and drug addiction among vulnerable people who use public areas.

“The Group has committed to the further investigation and development of these strategies and we will now apply to the Commissioner to continue the dry area while this continues.”

Council also voted to create a Rainbow Walk in the West End of the city to celebrate the LGBTIQ community, with costings to come to Council for future consideration. As well, Council voted to explore lighting up the Town Hall with rainbow colours in November to mark the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in South Australia.

City of Adelaidelor Robert Simms said there had been some initial discussions with a number of stakeholders in the West End, which has been a hub for the Feast Festival for a number of years.

“This is an opportunity to position Adelaide as a city that welcomes diversity and celebrates inclusion. The Rainbow Walk could become a drawcard to the West End while recognising our gay and lesbian community.

“Lighting up the Town Hall will recognise this State’s proud history of activism and celebrate that South Australia was the first state in the nation to decriminalise homosexuality.”

Administration will bring a report back to Council to identify costs and funding options for the projects.

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