14 Sep, 2017

Community Showcase For Sustainable House Day

On Sustainable House Day, visitors can experience and learn about houses that have been designed, built or renovated with sustainability, comfort, wellbeing and lower utility bills in mind.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Martin Haese said that Sustainable House Day will provide practical solutions to reduce running costs and make homes comfortable all year round.

This includes real life examples of the technologies that are eligible for the Sustainability Incentives Scheme which is jointly funded by the City of Adelaide and the State Government.

“The scheme provides incentives for residents and businesses of up to $5,000 to install renewable energy generation and storage, electric vehicle charging stations and energy efficiency devices,” said Martin.

“Council has already approved 30 applications for energy (battery) storage within the city, delivering 272.49 kWh installed capacity.

“The high uptake of the scheme shows more Adelaide businesses and residents are up for the challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

“To highlight some of the great projects undertaken in the city, we have posted a series of case studies on our website featuring City of Adelaide residents and businesses that have used the scheme to install solar panels, energy storage systems and LED lights.

“I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about what they can do to improve their home to come along to the Showcase and visit one of the open homes and hear first-hand about all the options available to them.”

To find out more about the Sustainability Incentive Scheme, visit cityofadelaide.com.au/your-council/funding/sustainable-city-incentives-scheme/

In the lead-up to Sustainable House Day, the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network will host a Sustainable House Day Showcase, from 6:30pm at The Joinery on Thursday 14 September. Attendees will hear from the owners, architects, designers and builders behind some of the houses that will be opened on Sustainable House Day.

More information about the Showcase can be found here: sustainablehouseday.com/adelaide-sustainable-building-network-sustainable-house-day-showcase-2017/
To find out what homes are open for visits, go to sustainablehouseday.com