07 Sep, 2018

City Welcomes State Budget Initiatives

Lord Mayor Martin Haese has welcomed tax relief initiatives in the Marshall Government’s State budget that will help drive growth across the City of Adelaide.

He says the Emergency Services Levy, payroll tax and land tax relief, as well as a commitment to reduce electricity bills through a home battery scheme, will be appreciated by City of Adelaide residents and business owners.

“As an area comprising almost 20 per cent of the State’s economy, continued investment in the City of Adelaide is important for the growth and prosperity of South Australia,” said the Lord Mayor.

The Lord Mayor praised the Marshall Government’s commitment to build a world-leading National Aboriginal Art and Cultures Gallery on the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

“This is excellent news for the city – particularly for the East End. Additionally, the $43 million commitment to refit and repurpose seven buildings at the Lot Fourteen innovation hub – including important heritage buildings – is a move that Council welcomes.

“We back progress and sensible new development in the City of Adelaide but our world-renowned built heritage must be preserved at all costs.”

“To that end, it is pleasing to see $1 million allocated to help preserve heritage listed properties and $500,000 being spent on restoration works at Ayers House.”

While praising the budget initiatives that benefit the City of Adelaide, the Lord Mayor called on the Government to commit to further expansion of the AdeLINK tram network.

“I will continue to push for the State Government to fund an expanded and integrated tram network across Adelaide,” said the Lord Mayor.

“It seems there may be funding from the Commonwealth for this initiative and I call upon the State Government to commit funds in the near future.

“A $600,000 commitment towards a business case to examine expanding city tram services is welcomed.

“The evidence is clear that tram networks boost economic growth, encourage urban renewal and bring residents and visitors to the city.

“The announcement for a $3.7 million upgrade to the City South Tram Stop is also welcome news.

“In addition, Council will be vigilant in ensuring that small businesses, car parking and trees are not overly impacted by the station upgrade or the $7.9 million renewal of the tram tracks between Victoria Square and South Terrace.”

The Lord Mayor said he was disappointed that a key City and State partnership, Carbon Neutral Adelaide, appeared to be excluded from the Budget and he planned to raise this with the State Government as a priority.

He expressed his disappointment that stamp duty concessions for off-the-plan apartments have been discontinued and is concerned how this will affect population growth in the City of Adelaide.

He also expressed disappointment that once again the redevelopment of Grenfell and Currie Streets remained unfunded by the State Government.

“This critical public transport and pedestrian corridor is in urgent need of remedial works to cope with increased volumes of buses following the completion of the O-Bahn City Access Project.

“In Chinatown, Council continues to be a strong advocate for an upgrade of Moonta Street and has committed $350,000 in its own 18/19 Budget for master planning a significant redevelopment.

“We welcome the Premier’s announcement for a $500,000 upgrade contribution and look forward to working with Minister Knoll in coming months to realise an even greater vision for this important part of the City of Adelaide.”

The Lord Mayor also welcomed the announcement that $400,000 is being committed to reduce the total build and removal time of the Adelaide 500 Grandstand.

“I commend the Marshall Government on reducing the time taken to remove the Adelaide 500 Grandstand in the Park Lands,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Council commends the State Government on examining the creation of an Adelaide Museum to celebrate South Australia’s history.

“Edmund Wright House on King William Street could be the perfect location.

“Finally, on behalf of Council, I will be looking very closely at the State Government’s future funding commitments for CCTV and managed taxi ranks.

“Continued investment in initiatives that provide a safer city for everyone are paramount,” the Lord Mayor concluded.

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