24 Apr, 2018

City Takes Further Steps to Get Traffic Moving

Following a vote from Council tonight, the City of Adelaide will take additional steps to alleviate traffic congestion in the city, including installing CCTV at seven priority intersections.

The City of Adelaide has been working continuously with the State Government, through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, to improve traffic flow and commuting times in the CBD.

An example of previous partnering was in early 2017, when traffic signal coordination was reviewed and modified across the city, resulting in improved travel times through the CBD, ranging from an average of 30 seconds to four minutes.

Tonight, Council has noted the installation of seven new CCTV cameras at priority intersections to improve travel times for commuters and travellers through the City of Adelaide by mid-2018.

CCTV monitoring enables the assessment of traffic movement in real-time and the ability to alter traffic signal operation by DPTI Traffic Operations to react to current conditions to assist in alleviating congestion.

Additionally, $25,000 will be allocated to rolling out ten new Bluetooth and other smart traffic sensors at high-priority intersections in 2018/19.

These Bluetooth sensors will feed into the DPTI controlled ‘Addinsight’ platform – an intelligent traffic system that provides network-wide performance analytics in real time for vehicle travel times, origin/destination route analysis and incident detection.

Councillor Alex Antic, who moved a motion in Council in November 2017 to investigate steps to improve traffic flow, said the installation of traffic monitoring cameras at key intersections was an effective and immediate way of alleviating traffic congestion in the city.

“There is obviously more work to do in this area, however these are practical steps the City of Adelaide can make to respond to changes in our traffic system,” said Councillor Antic.

The Lord Mayor added that in order to be a truly liveable city, we need to be an accessible city.

“As our city grows, our traffic network needs to be continually monitored and updated to accommodate changes to public transport routes, road upgrades and any temporary road blockages which occur due to events and construction along our roads.

“These smart technological solutions, in conjunction with our ongoing partnering with the State Government, will assist in how our traffic is monitored and provide better traffic flow across our city.

Smart parking, which will help people find a park faster, improve commuter convenience and take cars off the roads, is another example of how we are working to make traffic flow more freely.”

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Matt Haliwell