14 Jun, 2017

City of Adelaide endorses outdoor dining plan

Media Statement

The City of Adelaide values and promotes the increasing popularity of outdoor dining. This increase in outdoor dining is beneficial to the city’s growth and vibrancy and we want to see it continue to grow.

Adelaide’s renaissance of eating outside is contributes to the vitality and life of our city streets. We have a terrific outdoor dining scene in the city which is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people every year.

Outdoor dining encourages an increased social and cultural life within the city, providing a heightened sense of identity, animation, security and relaxation.

The City of Adelaide has a commitment to move towards removable outdoor dining furniture across the City which is outlined in the endorsed Outdoor Dining Guidelines. However, Council wishes to continue its ongoing support of hospitality businesses and desires minimal burden on those who had applications approved under the previous policy. It also recognises that any potential transition from fixed to removable outdoor dining furniture would need to be considered on a case by case basis, taking into account the practical considerations of such a transition.

To that end, last night Council endorsed a transition plan that will allow all existing fixed furniture to remain and a transition to removable furniture only triggered by one of the following events:

  • A business with fixed furniture closes down
  • A business with fixed furniture changes ownership
  • A business requests the removal of their fixed furniture
  • The furniture reaches end-of-life or becomes hazardous to public safety
  • The Council’s Strategic Asset Footpath Renewal Plan or Capital Works Program impacts an area of footpath utilising fixed furniture.

When one of the above events occurs, Administration will begin negotiations with the outdoor dining permit holder with a view to transitioning from fixed to removable furniture, recognising this will need to be considered on a case by case basis given the specific circumstances faced by some businesses when considering fixed versus removable furniture.

To encourage business growth and vibrancy, premises that introduce outdoor dining for the first time will receive a 12 month waive of all outdoor dining permit fees. For all other businesses, there will be no change to the current fees and charges associated with outdoor dining that were approved by Council last night. A full list of the fees and charges can be found in last night's Council Agenda.

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Paula Stevens