24 Aug, 2015

China Business Workshop Sells Out Again

A seat at City of Adelaide’s China Business Workshops is fast becoming the hottest ticket in town with yet another sell out tomorrow.

The interactive workshops are designed to help retailers, restaurateurs and other local businesses benefit from the rapid rise in Chinese visitors to the city. Topics such as making the right first impression, Chinese consumer habits and marketing products to Chinese consumers are covered.

China continues to be the largest contributor to international visitor spending in Australia. City of Adelaide wants to help turn this increasing interest into wins for both the local economy and our Chinese visitors.

Lord Mayor, Martin Haese, said City of Adelaide is excited by China’s huge interest in the City of Adelaide and has tailored the sessions to help local businesses tap into the growing market.

“Once again we’re seeing proactive initiatives like these prove tremendously popular and it really is great to see local businesses so keen to learn and to get involved,” said Martin.

"Chinese people continue to have a massive appetite to visit and do business here, and to consume the unique products that only Adelaide and South Australia can offer.

“The workshops help retailers and anyone doing business within the city learn more about Chinese visitor expectations so they can make the most out of the growing interest in the City of Adelaide.”

Justin McCabe of Gerard McCabe Jewellers attended the first workshop in June with five of his staff members and couldn’t speak highly enough of the benefits and what he learned.

“We learned Chinese visitors are after something unique and unobtainable in China, and this is something that we offer at Gerard McCabe,” said Justin.

“Since the first workshop, we have implemented initiatives that will help our overall retail strategy, and we’re pleased that City of Adelaide is taking the initiative to run these sessions.”

For more information on the workshops, please email [email protected] Tomorrow’s ‘Understanding Chinese Consumers’ workshop is at the Hotel Richmond at 2:45pm.

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Matt Halliwell