05 Aug, 2016

Celebrating Art in August with SALA at the City Library

The City Libraries are celebrating SALA this year with an exhibition to be launched by 891 ABCs afternoons’ presenter, Sonya Feldhoff, tonight at 6pm at the City Library.

An eclectic range of artists’ works will be on show at Adelaide Libraries and Community Centres throughout August to celebrate SALA and showcase the successful City Library’s Artist in Residence program.

Manager of Culture and Life Long Learning, Anne Rundle said the quality and range of artists in residents in the City Library since its opening is quite outstanding.

“We have branded the City Library a ‘Place of Possibility’, and the artists we will showcase throughout August really do demonstrate this catch phrase. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who hasn’t visited the city library to do so,” said Anne.

“The City Library has been designed to celebrate the library not just as a place to borrow books, but to incorporate an outdoor reading room, history hub, spaces for artists and makers in residence as well as spaces for learning new skills and trying out cutting edge technology without a financial outlay. It truly is a place of possibility.

“The artists’ works on display in the Library but also in the community centres really shows off what can be achieved when local councils work with their communities in creative and innovative ways,” she said.

ABC 891’s Sonya Feldhoff is pleased to be the MC the launch of the exhibition, and is a strong supporter of the City Library as a place of possibility having hosted the opening of the Library some two years ago.

“It’s lovely to be invited back to the city library to launch this wonderful event. The idea of residencies open to artisans and craftspeople where they can share their skills and knowledge and effectively become peer educators shows community spirit and innovation at its best,” said Sonya.

“I’ve had a preview of the art works that feature in the exhibition spaces and they really are quite beautiful. Another thing I really like about this is the uniqueness of the styles that all go together to reflect the city library as the place of possibility that it is.”

The exhibition opens today and will be on show until the end of August. For details of the exhibition, go to: cityofadelaide.com.au/your-community/library-services/programs-and-events/event-details/celebrate-sala-and-the-city-library-artist-in-residence-program

More than 150 SALA exhibitions are being held in the city throughout the month of August, to find out more go to www.salafestival.com.


City Library

Tom Folber: Digital reproduction in contemporary visual art.

Asami Kato: photographer Asami has partnered with a Japanese calligraphic artist who paints left handed.

Chelle Destefano: Experience Wait of the World and question religion, money, greed and power.

UNISA Ceramics Group: ilk. IIk is a celebration of choices and personalities expressed within the ceramic medium. Exhibiting artists are Alison Smiles, Fruzi Kenez, Melanie Manser, Nikki Dowdell, Guy Ringwood, Sami Porter and Sophia Philips.

Michelle Brittan: A mythical menagerie of digital artwork.

Elise Bonato: Explored community health and wellness through an experimental drawing process, resulting in “The Serial Oracle”.

Jimmy Dodd: Community driven art project which revolves around the idea of fantastic “machines to save a city.”

Hutt Street Library Artists

Zoe Freney: explores the phenology of motherhood.

Jim Williams: The love of horses and the beach are some of the influences in Jim’s work.

Trevor McNamara: abstract contemporary work designed to engage and entertain.

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