03 Dec, 2015

Carbon Neutral Strategy For Adelaide As Lord Mayor Attends Paris COP 21

City of Adelaide’s aspiration to make its operations carbon neutral by 2020 and Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city, has been formally endorsed in the Carbon Neutral Strategy 2015-2025, as the Lord Mayor travels to Paris for Climate Change talks.

The strategy details plans to position Adelaide as the place to live, work and do business in the most sustainable way.

“As a city council we’ve already achieved a lot in this space: by decarbonising the city’s electricity supply through sourcing green energy; taking advantage of roof-top solar photovoltaic systems; and significant energy efficiency improvements in new and existing commercial buildings. These changes are real and make a real difference,” said Martin.

“Since 2010, Council has reduced its own energy consumption by more than 15% per cent and our associated energy costs by more than $800,000 per year, and we intend to secure further efficiencies to capture the full benefits of a carbon neutral operation by 2020.

“In fact, since 1994, Council has reduced its own carbon emissions by 60%,” he said.

Earlier in the year, Lord Mayor Martin Haese signed the international Compact of Mayors, while the Premier signed the Compact of States and Regions – the first union of its type in the world.

Council and state government’s collaborative approach shows the joint commitment both tiers of government have when it comes to addressing climate change.

“Our community is very well placed to pursue bold carbon reduction targets having reduced carbon emissions by 20% between 2007 and 2013. This has occurred during a period when the City’s population increased by 27%, office floor area increased by 16% and economy grew by 28%.

“I strongly believe that if we are to be at our most competitive into the future, we must lead by example and show the city, and the rest of South Australia, and ultimately the world, that being sustainable is good for business, good for the environment and good for the future,” said Martin.

“We believe this is a once in-a-generation opportunity to capitalise on the broad-reaching world-wide changes to the way the world sees and uses energy systems, and is committed to shoring up the city’s reputation and credibility as a world leader.

“There will be huge business benefits available from the reputation that goes with being a progressive, low carbon city. At City of Adelaide, we lead by example.”

Priority targets for Council over the coming years include increasing city greening through street trees, gardens, plantings, green walls and green or cool roofs; and pursuing decarbonisation of the transport system.

The Lord Mayor will arrive in Paris on 3 December 2015 where he will speak at the Sustainable Innovation Forum about Adelaide’s plans to become the world’s first carbon neutral city and to demonstrate that strong state and local government leadership creates strong business opportunities for green economic growth.

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Rebecca Draysey