06 Sep, 2013

Calling all events volunteers

Event management students and others in the community interested in events volunteering will have their chance to be part of the ACC Event Volunteers team to be launched at the Volunteering in Action session today, as part of the 15th National Conference on Volunteering being held in Adelaide this week.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood will welcome delegates to the Volunteering in Action session, via Skype, and each participant will be presented with a small gift created by volunteers at the innovation lab, in the form of a key ring printed using the onsite 3-D printers.

Stephen understands first-hand the advantages of volunteering, having served as a member of City of Adelaide prior to becoming Lord Mayor as well as in various other voluntary roles previously.

“Volunteering benefits not only the community but the individual too - it’s well known that people who volunteer are looked upon favourably by employers, are more engaged and enter the paid workforce more easily,” said Stephen.

“Council’s events volunteering program allows people interested in events and in finding out more about what goes into organising events the chance for some hands on experience.

“There’s so much planned for the warmer months so there definitely won’t be a shortage of opportunities,” he said.

Currently Council has 330 volunteers, participating in opportunities ranging from delivering library materials to homebound residents, teaching people to use computers and iPads, to archiving the history of the city, or providing visitors with information about things to do around our city.

Adam has been a volunteer at the Innovation Lab since it opened in August last year, and has helped many people learn about digital technology and how to apply it to their daily lives.

“I’m really interested in the technology and volunteering here is a great way to keep up to date, to meet new people and share my passion with others,” he said

“Giving something back to the community feels great and people really do appreciate the help we can give - we even helped a guy print a part for his lawn mower that was no longer being made so he could fix his mower.”

People can apply to be part of the new Events Volunteers program by visiting http://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/community/volunteering/current-vacancies and an information session about the ACC Event Volunteers program will be held on 21 October.

Delegates at the National Volunteers Conference will be welcomed to Adelaide with a wonderful display in the shape of the Volunteering SA/NT logo when they look out from their accommodation at the Hilton Hotel on Victoria Square.

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Rebecca Draysey