07 Sep, 2016

Building a greener and more liveable city

As part of its ambition to be listed in the top three most liveable cities in the world by 2020, the City of Adelaide has launched an exciting new Green City Grant Program.

The grants – encouraging residents, businesses and property owners to create their own pocket of greenery – start at $500 for residents and $1,000 for businesses and property owners, up to a maximum grant of $10,000.

Potential projects include living walls, green facades, vertical gardens, greenery that cascades over balconies, vines and climbers on verandahs or other structures, and the upgrade of existing verge gardens, with applicants encouraged to be as creative as possible.

Applications for grant funding are welcomed from all areas of the city; however preference will be given to projects in locations with little to no greenery, projects that are especially creative or innovative proposals that will provide a significant amount of greenery once fully grown.

The Green City Grant Program will help Council achieve one of its key 2016-20 Strategic Plan goals of increasing the amount of green space and greenery in the built-up areas of the city by 100,000 square metres over the next four years.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the program offers a great opportunity for residents and businesses to benefit from the creation of their own patch of greenery, including a greater street presence and a more attractive and pleasant experience.

“Exciting initiatives like this are in line with our goal to go from the fifth most liveable city in the world to making the top three by 2020,” said Martin.

“We’re very interested in receiving joint proposals from applicants who’ve decided to work together on a single, possibly larger scale greening project.

“We’re also looking forward to applications for smaller but equally significant greening ideas that collectively will help increase the amount of green space across the city and make Adelaide even more liveable.”

Property Council of Australia SA Executive Director Daniel Gannon said that the property sector has an opportunity to show leadership in sustainability.

“The built environment makes up 23 per cent of emissions across Australia. While this sector is a big part of the problem, we must also be a big part of the solution,” said Daniel.

“The City of Adelaide’s latest greening initiative demonstrates how property owners can play their role in the sustainability space.

“Following on from Council’s Pirie Street green wall, the program builds upon other grants including the Sustainable City Incentives Scheme and we commend the Lord Mayor for providing these incentives for property owners.”

Green City Grant Program

Council has allocated a total of $100,000 to this project through the Greener Streets Program in the 2016/17 Business Plan & Budget.

Residents, businesses and building owners have six weeks to submit an application by the closing date on Friday 14 October, 2016.

Eligible greening projects must be visible from a street or other public place and complement the character of the surrounding area.

Full details about the Green City Grant Program, including the eligibility criteria and how to submit an application is available at: cityofadelaide.com.au/greencitygrants

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