04 Jan, 2015

Be Active In the City in January with Circuit in the Square

City residents and visitors can now kick start their health and fitness new year’s resolutions with Anytime Fitness Light Square circuit classes every Monday from 5.30 – 6.15 pm, part of City of Adelaide's Be Active in the City program, starting on 5 Jan 2015.

Anytime Fitness is a champion partner of City of Adelaide's #ActiveAmbassador program, which encourages participation in physical activity by offering free and low cost activities in the City, and circuit sessions in Light Square is the first activity for 2015.

Circuit sessions are $10 per class, to register people visit to www.facebook.com/mollymershPT.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said formal fitness sessions in our beautiful Squares and Park Lands are a great way to get more people out enjoying the city.

“We are very lucky in Adelaide to be surrounded by Park Lands and it’s really important that we take advantage of the open spaces and mild climate in ways that can improve our lives,” said Martin.

“The #ActiveAmbassador program is just one of the ways our spaces and places can be enjoyed by everyone, and working with local businesses and community groups to improve access and awareness is good for everyone.”

Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer, Molly Mersh said people often have the misconception that being fit and healthy requires hours of dedication each day but in under an hour a regular workout will easily improve fitness, strength and endurance.

"This is where circuit training comes into the picture. Circuits can be easily adapted depending on your fitness level, your goals and your time constraints," she said.

"Circuits will increase both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, so whether your goal is to improve your fitness for longer duration activities or short bursts, circuit interval training will definitely take you closer to your goal.

"At our upcoming Light Square Circuit Classes every Monday in January I can help you work out which exercises and duration work best for you and very importantly, what you enjoy,” said Molly.

"So no matter what your goal, age, fitness level or time constraints you should definitely try circuit training and where better to do it than outside in the city sunshine?"

Circuit training is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which involves a short amount of time on a station followed by a short rest period and then repeated throughout all the exercises.

Many studies have shown the benefits of working at a greater intensity in short bouts compared to a longer, lower intensity workout. As people work out at a higher intensity the duration is significantly decreased but more energy is being burnt.

For more information visit http://activeambassador.cityofadelaide.com.au/ or follow Anytime Fitness Adelaide City https://www.facebook.com/AnytimeFitnessAdelaideCity