01 Dec, 2015

Adelaide Residents and Businesses Embrace Sustainable Incentives Scheme

The announcement of an expanded Sustainable Incentives Scheme by City of Adelaide earlier this year has encouraged businesses and more residents to take up the incentive offer and join the city in working towards carbon neutrality.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said the community response to the expanded scheme, which has only been in place since July this year, has been overwhelming and clearly demonstrates Adelaide’s willingness to be early adopters of technology.

“Since July we have received 46 applications to the Sustainable City Incentive Scheme, including six business applicants. We are very proud of this achievement, but it really is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Martin.

“The program has clearly tapped into the community as a resource, harnessing both their desire and their commitment to act, which we will continue to encourage.”

Of the 46 applications, three have been for battery storage; however the number of inquiries and systems that are progressing towards installation around this emerging technology is much higher than this. So far council has provided $44,290 in incentives with much more to come over the coming months and years.

City Council resident Marjon Martin is one of those who have opted to install battery storage in her home. With Council’s support, Marjon and her husband increased the size of their existing solar PV array and installed a battery storage system so they could catch the full benefits of being a clean energy household.

“I am a great believer in climate change action, and have already seen the benefits of installing rooftop solar. The opportunity to harvest energy from the sun and direct this into my own storage system seemed like the next logical step,” she said.

“The rewards from taking advantage of the program are far reaching; not only is my reliance on energy companies reduced, but my power bills are small, and I’m playing my own part toward ensuring our environment is preserved for future generations.”

Adelaide is a working example to the world of the way state and local government can work together, along with the community and businesses, to be at the forefront of energy efficiency and climate change action. “Providing opportunity to lead the world in this space opens up a myriad of opportunities for everyone and just makes good sense,” said the Lord Mayor.

“In Adelaide between 2007 and 2013 we have overseen population growth of 27 percent and an increase in office area of 16 per cent, while reducing our carbon emissions by 20% and increasing our economic activity by 28 percent. We have proven that climate action and economic growth can co-exist and provide benefit to the whole community.”

The Lord Mayor will travel to Paris on Wednesday where he has been invited to speak about the importance of working together with all levels of government and the community to effect climate change action.

For more information on the Sustainable City Incentives Scheme, please visit http://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/your-council/funding/sustainable-city-incentives-scheme/