07 Jun, 2019

Adelaide Football Club Park 2 Proposal

Council will discuss a report next week that, if approved, sets guidelines for the Adelaide Football Club (AFC) to prepare a concept for a new base in North Adelaide.

Earlier this year the City of Adelaide was approached by the AFC with an unsolicited proposal (expression of interest) in establishing an administration and training base in Denise Norton Park / Pardipardinyilla (Park 2).

Tuesday’s report sets out five draft guiding principles. These cover Community Engagement, Community Benefit, Park Lands Setting, Economic Outcomes and Value Proposition (further information overleaf).

The draft guiding principles would be provided to the AFC to inform any future concept. Should a concept be received by the City of Adelaide, we will then comprehensively consult with the community.

“While there is a raft of public speculation around the proposal, there has been little detail to share and I look forward to consulting widely with the community as more information comes to hand,” said City of Adelaide Chief Executive Officer Mark Goldstone.

“As our community’s needs remain paramount, Council would want to see public access to community facilities and current tenants and users to be involved in the process if a concept is presented.

“Beyond seeing a concept that benefits the community and maintains public access, I know that our Members are adamant that all stakeholders would be regularly consulted if this proposal is to move forward.

“If any concept doesn’t line up with Council’s draft guiding principles, Members would have every right not to support the AFC progressing its plans, as the benefits to our community must come first.

“I reiterate that no formal proposal, designs or plans for a facility have been received at this early stage.”

Guiding Principles

Community Engagement – short/long term consultation and communication;


  • Community to have input into decision-making.
  • Community informed about the existing challenges associated with the Aquatic Centre including budget implications to undertake repairs etc.
  • Stakeholder engagement (including Blackfriars Priory School).

Community Benefit – service provision, community access, recognition of user groups


  • Increase to service offering with best-practice approach applied to service delivery
  • Universal access to enable mobility strategy
  • Community access and public use of the two ovals
  • Community priority access and public use of the aquatic and recreational facility Pool/public baths’ element

Park Lands Setting – impact, footprint, built form and relevant Community Land Management Plan


  • Reduction in net footprint of any facility infrastructure in its developed form
  • Sympathetic to Park Lands setting
  • Sustainable
  • Car parking provision, under-croft if possible to minimise footprint and improve aesthetic
  • No permanent liquor licence on the site

Economic Outcomes – supporting the broader precinct


  • Catalyse O’Connell Street and surrounding area
  • Must not detract from O’Connell Street
  • Drives commercial outcomes for the precinct and city with increase in dollars spent by visitors

Value Proposition - financial sustainability, short / long- term commercial benefits, upgrades to recreational and building asset and opportunities to Council


  • A financially sustainable operation for Council that maximises return on investment, delivers new revenue streams and reduces Council’s reliance on rate revenue
  • Fit for purpose. A modern integrated aquatic and leisure facility capable of meeting the needs of a diverse range of user groups and future population growth (with a 20-year outlook)

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