13 Dec, 2013

Adelaide Art Pod gets BRAVE

The first exhibition curated by City of Adelaide’s emerging curator Carollyn Kavanagh has opened in the new city gallery, Art Pod.

BRAVE features three local artists whose work has been described as “calligraphic street art”, “outsider or brute art” and “haunting contemporary gothic art”.

Carollyn said she was excited to see her first exhibition come to life.

“I’m enjoying the unique opportunity to work with both the iconic Adelaide Town Hall and the new modern gallery initiative Art Pod. In BRAVE, three local artists display courage, resolution and daring works created outside the boundaries of official culture, hence the title of the exhibition.”

The three featured artists are KAB101, Stephen Langdon and Adam Murakami.

KAB101 is an internationally renowned pioneer of the Adelaide graffiti community, with a unique and precise style.

Stephen Langdon, a largely self-taught artist, expresses his own spirituality and faith through a kaleidoscope of imagery, symbols and stories using timber, sandstone and other unloved treasures, as well as paintings on traditional canvas and board.

Adam Murakami explores the cinematic and literary themes of the narratives and psychology of a contemporary Gothic.

City of Adelaide Councillor and Public Art Round Table member Sue Clearihan said the space is part of Council’s vision to bring people into the city and enliven public spaces through art and events.

“The program is providing new, creative opportunities for artists to create artwork for public spaces accessible to everyone in the city,” Sue said.

“Art Pod is a unique space that attracts people’s attention as they walk past. Public art is designed to bring energy and vibrancy to public spaces while adding character, creativity and showcasing artistic talent, which is exactly what this gallery does,” Sue said.

Art Pod, at 25 Pirie Street in the city, is part of a new public art program to encourage and financially support emerging artists and curators.

The Pod’s physical space, with floor to ceiling glass walls, lends itself to the public by creating a place to showcase exhibitions 24 hours a day, in the busy breezeway between the Town Hall and the customer centre.

The exhibition will run from 12 December until 23 January and can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To find out more about Art Pod programs go to http://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/artpod.