28 Sep, 2015

7 Day Makeover For Melbourne Street Info Sessions Start This Week

Internationally renowned David Engwicht from Creative Communities International will be in Adelaide this week to begin working on plans for the 7 Day Makeover of Melbourne Street North Adelaide.

Kicking off with information sessions on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September where members of the North Adelaide community and beyond can learn how they can play a part in transforming Melbourne Street. The transformation officially begins on 9 November and runs for 7 days.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese has been following some of David’s work and is looking forward to working with him, Melbourne Street locals, visitors and business to continue to revive Melbourne Street to the bustling creative hub it was in years gone by with a modern twist.

“I’ve been aware of David and Creative Communities’ projects for some time, and have been impressed with the way they understand communities, and how to motivate people to make the most of their areas creating comfortable and welcoming spaces for everyone,” said Martin.

“One of the beauties of the work that David and his team do with different communities is around buy-in, and encouraging people to take ownership of the spaces around them, contributing ideas, materials and expertise. But it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

David said the benefits of these project span the whole community and beyond, and people for all ages and abilities can play their own important role.

“A wonderful thing about the 7 day makeover model is that people can join in for as little or as much time as they can spare and whatever that may be, goes a long way towards making a lasting difference,” said David.

“For more than 25 years we at Creative Communities helped local people create great public places, but we were finding it frustrating and looking for a better way to have local communities realise that public spaces are theirs to make the most of.

“Then in 2011 we made a big breakthrough: a lifeless corner of Paihai, a town in New Zealand was transformed into a vibrant civic hub in just three days and for a budget of $5000. The space the residents created became a magnet for people, and this was the catalyst for the more than 20 successful community – driven projects we’ve completed since.

“It’s great to be able to share this passion with Melbourne Street, North Adelaide and see a real change with a small budget supported by highly motivated and enthusiastic locals – I can’t wait to get started!” he said.

David will be hosting a public information session upstairs at The Store on Melbourne Street on Tuesday evening. To register a place at the information session or to be part of the 7 Day make over go to www.7day.com.au.

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Rebecca Draysey