18 Aug, 2016

16th Air Land Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery Freedom of Entry parade this Saturday

The 16th Air Land Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery will be exercising its right to Freedom of Entry to the City of Adelaide on Saturday 20 August 2016 commencing at 2.00 pm.

The Parade will form up at Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga at 1.00 pm ready for the troop inspection conducted by the City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese before a short march to Adelaide Town Hall.

On arrival at Town Hall at 2.05 pm a senior member of SAPOL will issue a challenge to allow the troop to proceed past the Adelaide Town Hall where the Lord Mayor will take the salute.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said granting Freedom of Entry is a privilege extended rarely and is considered a great honour and the parade would be a spectacle not to be missed.

“Freedom of Entry dates back to medieval times when military forces were granted permission to enter a city with their swords drawn, drums beating, bands playing and colours flying,” said Martin.

“Without a Freedom of Entry agreement, which indicates peaceful intent, military forces were often turned away at the city gates.

“The parade will be an impressive sight so come along and take part in history by greeting the 16th Air Land Regiment as they march along King William Street to claim their Freedom of Entry.”

Members of the public are invited to assemble on King William Street between Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga and Pirie Street to cheer on the colourful 16th Air Land Regiment Freedom of Entry parade which commences at 2.00 pm before making its way along King William Street, through the Freedom of Entry challenge at Town Hall then falling out in Pirie Street.

The 16th Air Land Regiment was first conferred the right to Freedom of Entry on 21 January 1994 on the 140th anniversary of the first formal parade of an artillery unit in South Australia. This is the first time the Regiment has exercised its right to Freedom of Entry since 2006.

Further information about the 16th Air Land Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery can be found here.

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Rebecca Draysey