12 Jul, 2019

Sustainable Waste Management On The Agenda For City Of Adelaide Council Meeting This Tuesday

This coming Tuesday evening Councillors will consider a number of important matters, including how best to work towards a recycling and waste management solution for the city.

Recycling and waste management is of concern to all councils following the introduction of the China National Sword Policy last year, which has led to increased recycling costs and a waste management crisis. On Tuesday, Council will consider its submission to State Parliament’s inquiry into the recycling industry, as all levels of government work towards a solution.

The recommendations in the submission are:

  • Implement a Federal/National Waste Management Strategy/Policy that supports a more resilient and local waste management system.
  • Spend the Waste Levy Fund to support the strategic priorities of Green Industries SA or reduce the Waste Levy fee accordingly.
  • Transition Australia to a robust circular economy where waste avoidance and enhanced resource recovery is prioritised. Fund National product stewardship strategies and policies to create disincentives and/or ban certain non-recyclable, environmentally harmful materials creating a demand for resource recovery.
  • Formally review and rewrite procurement policies for all tiers of government to require a level of recyclable content in materials procured, to assist in the creation of domestic markets.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said that this was a key item on Tuesday night’s agenda.

“The City of Adelaide is a strong supporter of sustainable waste management initiatives and it is vital that there is a workable solution to the current challenges we face. We welcome the invitation to submit our recommendations to the State Parliament inquiry.

“As we have advocated previously, the City of Adelaide recommends Solid Waste Levy revenue be used to establish and support the strategic priorities of Green Industries SA, and to stimulate economic activity in the green economy.”

The recommendations from the Committee meeting held earlier this month will go to Council for their final review and possible endorsement. These include recommendations to:

  • Approve a three-month trial in which the City of Adelaide’s Customer Centre will offer a free face-to-face Mandarin translation service – a first for an Australian capital city
  • Adopt an updated Community Consultation Policy
  • Note background information about the 2018-19 Greening Awards
  • Approve multi-year event licences for 2019-2024, which includes exciting and popular events such as the Adelaide Horse trials, CheeseFest, the Mother’s Day Classic, Cirque Africa and the Vegan Festival.

Council is committed to listening to its community and their concerns. Four petitions will be presented on Tuesday night in relation to the current trial of changes to parking conditions in North Adelaide.

City of Adelaide Councillors work hard to represent their constituents and the interests of city and all who visit it. Four questions on notice and three motions on notice have been lodged by members ahead of Tuesday night’s meeting. The agenda for Tuesday evening’s meeting is available here.

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