11 Feb, 2016

Motorcycle Trial Revved Up and Ready

Motorcycle and scooter riders will be able to park for free in two city squares from Monday under a trial to help reduce car traffic in the CBD.

As part of a nine month trial, riders can now leave their motorcycles and scooters in designated sections of Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga and Light Square/Wauwi* without any time limits.

The Victoria Square location can accommodate up to 50 motorbikes/scooters and the Light Square can accommodate up to 10 motorbikes/scooters.

Riding on the footpath will not be permitted and Council’s Parking and Information Officers will regularly monitor the areas to assist riders and ensure they are able to park safely.

Central Ward Councillor David Slama, who proposed the trial last year, was pleased consultation had wrapped up and that it was now all set to go ahead.

“As they are smaller vehicles and by making access easier by improving parking options, this will go a long way towards helping to reduce congestion on city streets,” said David.

“We really need to make it as easy as possible for people to visit the city and this trial demonstrates Council is taking action to make this happen.

“As we look at other potential sites to roll out the concept, ensuring safe pedestrian access, especially for people with disabilities, is a priority, as well as ensuring there is no impact to adjacent businesses.”

Consultation has taken place and the areas have been specifically chosen to ensure dining is not impeded and that pedestrian access is not impacted. Council is working closely with DPTI on the trial, as parking on footpaths is non-standard in South Australia and this is the first ever trial.

Signage and line marking will be utilised to indicate where parking is permitted.

A driveway access point is located adjacent to the Light Square designated motorcycle trial parking area to assist with safe access, not impacting on pedestrian movements. The Victoria Square trial location has a service road, which will be used by motorcyclists to access the parking area.

*In Victoria Square, parking will be available near the café strip on western side and, in Light Square, parking will be permitted near existing outdoor carpark south of Currie Street.

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Matt Halliwell