31 Jul, 2016

Living artists on display for SALA in the Square

Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga will come alive during the South Australian Living Arts (SALA) Festival when artists go on display inside glass fronted shipping containers, their temporary workshops, kicking off at 1pm on 1 August and in place until 28 August with SALA in the Square.

City of Adelaide and SALA have partnered to create a festival hub in the civic heart of the city – Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga – on display for all too see, with glass fronted shipping containers to house the artists and their works.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said it is wonderful to see South Australia’s premier art festival and Adelaide’s premier civic space come together for this unique exhibition.

“This truly is a first for Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga and full credit to everyone involved in putting it together. It goes to show that Adelaide is still alive and busy with creativity and innovation even in the cooler months,” said Martin.

“I encourage everyone to make their way to our civic heart to see some of our most talented artists in action, and of course the space is very easily accessible and open 24 hours so people can have a look at any time of the day or night.”

“If people are looking for a tour they can join Adelaide’s art safari expert Sandy Bunker (aka Gus Clutterbuck) for an interactive art evening exploring Adelaide’s urban artscape, kicking off from Victoria Square - just make sure you dress in your favourite Safari outfit. But seriously, it’s bound to be a whole lot of fun.”

SALA’s General Manager Penny Griggs said Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga is the logical place to bring together some of South Australia’s greatest living artists to share their talents and techniques with the community.

“We are really excited to see the more than six metre long containers installed in the cultural heart of the city and the interest they will bring to visitors to the city,” said Penny.

“Add to the mix Catherine Fitzgerald’s bus full of art which will be on site for week one of the exhibition and there really is a great deal to see.

“The line-up of artists includes Andrew Clarke’s Floating Goose, Nancy Downes and Lucy Turnbull as well as Maria Jimena and Herrera Castelblanco.

“Artist, Daniel Connell will be working to the theme of people we take for granted, painting portraits of bus and taxi drivers and other unsung heroes who contribute to the daily life of the city,” she said.

The exhibition opens on 1 August and remains in Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga through until 28 August.

There are more than 155 SALA exhibitions being held across the city throughout the month of August, to find out more go to www.salafestival.com

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