03 Jul, 2014

Hot Topic - Accessible Parking at Adelaide Oval

In reading this morning’s opinion piece from Michelangelo Rucci, The Advertiser’s Chief Football Writer, Council and the Chair of the Stadium Management Authority (SMA) do agree on one thing - Pinky Flat is far from suitable as a parking solution for people with a disability or mobility limitation who visit Adelaide Oval.

Consideration of people with mobility limitations or disability should be a priority and it’s important to remember the current parking plan was developed in collaboration between the State Government, SMA, Council and the State’s Transport Accessibility Advisory Group.

Because of this collaborative approach, it’s disappointing that the first we hear of issues from the SMA is via Mr Rucci’s article. If an issue exists then we should all take another look at it together and not try and pass this off as one part of the group being problematic.

While the SMA may have met their legislative requirements as far as dedicated disability permit holder parking for the Oval is concerned (35 odd spaces), the SMA knew full well that at West Lakes there were 200-300 disability permit holders that frequented game days. That’s why the parking plan includes dedicated companion spaces on War Memorial Drive, as well the Torrens Parade Ground to bolster the legislative minimum.

The SMA says itself, that there is a need for more parking at the northern end of the ground. Given the SMA controlled Northern Hill parking is not getting the volumes they were expecting, we see no reason why this area cannot be part of the solution for those people needing closer access to the ground. It would be far more suitable than adding further pressure to exiting the Oval to the South after the game.

The SMA have a responsibility to all their patrons and they also have the means to solve the problem. We’ll be contacting the SMA today to restart the conversation.

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David Hill