01 Jun, 2019

Get on Your Bike to Celebrate World Bicycle Day

With its gridded street network and few hills to climb, Adelaide is a great place to get on your bike as we celebrate World Bicycle Day.

During May, the new bike counter on the North-South Bikeway recorded 100,000 trips for the calendar year. Since the bikeway was opened last August following improvements, it has seen around 180,000 trips.

Exciting improvements for people who ride a bicycle in the city and North Adelaide include:

• A shared use path along Jeffcott Road between Fitzroy Terrace and Barton Terrace West under construction this year
• A new shared use path along South Terrace which is under construction this year
• A new Integrated Transport and Movement Strategy in the City of Adelaide’s draft budget 2019-20, which will look at the future priorities for all forms of transport including cycling in the city
• A Park Lands Trail Guide in the draft budget 2019-20 budget to plan improvements to the entire walking and cycling Trail experience.

Work also continues on the delivery of the North-South Bikeway – a partnership between the City of Adelaide and the State Government. It will connect the existing Rugby/Porter Bikeway in Unley to the Braund Road Bike Boulevard in Prospect, while designs are being developed for the East-West Bikeway.

City resident and avid cyclist Councillor Doctor Helen Donovan is using World Bicycle Day to highlight to residents, workers, students and visitors that Adelaide is the perfect city for cycling.

“Cycling is the best way to get around the city whether you’re here for work, study or play,” said Dr Donovan.

“This Council is committed to building more cycling infrastructure to give people every opportunity to enjoy cycling safely throughout the City of Adelaide and to encourage more people to choose this mode of transport.

“Riding a bike is fun! When you can replace a car trip with a bike trip it boosts your energy. It’s also affordable, reliable, great for your health and has a multitude of environmental benefits.”

Celebrate World Bicycle Day early on Sunday 2 June with these local events:

Bike SA: https://www.facebook.com/events/2123564337760316/

BISA: https://www.facebook.com/events/2320711151589600/

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Paula Stevens