11 Aug, 2015

East Versus West In This Year's Park(ing) Day

Adelaide is shaking things up with local designers, artists and community groups preparing for some friendly competition as East versus West in this year’s PARK(ing) Day on Friday 18 September from 3pm – 7pm.

Registrations for this year’s event are open now, and in a change to the traditional PARK(ing) Day route, Hindley Street to Rundle Street will host a selection of innovative parks transformed into spaces for people, thanks to the support from City of Adelaide, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects South Australian Chapter and The Adelaide Review.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said it was great to see other precincts playing a role in a popular event that provides opportunity for city businesses and community groups to showcase their creativity and innovation.

“The strip from Hindley to Rundle Street is full of diversity where there is a visible mixture innovation, creativity and education and is the perfect spot to turn a parking space into a place for people.

“This year we hope for some friendly competition between the precincts to showcase what might be possible beyond PARK(ing) Day and some of the ways the precincts are helping to shape our city,” said Martin.

Adelaide West End Association President, Tanya Schroeder said the West End is enthusiastic to participate in the event.

“We are excited that the West End will feature strongly in this year’s PARK(ing) Day, a testament to our active and progressive arts and cultural scene.

“We encourage our community to be part of the precinct, and PARK(ing) Day provides a way for people who may not normally visit this part of the city to see and embrace the changing West End,” she said.

Registrations for this year’s PARK(ing) Day are open until Friday 4 September and 2014 participant Cara Archer from team Seven Senses said interactivity is a tip for new parkers.

“Last year we really enjoyed seeing people using our city spaces for more than the usual car parking. We found that by making our park interactive visitors had an even greater experience on the day. Interactivity is definitely the key,” said Cara.

For more information or to register for PARK(ing) Day 2015 visit http://www.adelaideparkingday.com.