10 Jun, 2015

Council Support of Revised O-Bahn Plan

City of Adelaide welcomes the Minister for Transport’s announcement that the O-Bahn City Access Project will be redesigned to address community concerns.

Council has consulted widely with stakeholders on the O-Bahn City Access Project and expressed its concerns with State Government regarding the impact of its original proposal.

Whilst Council would prefer there is no impact to Park Lands – including a desire for the Park Lands to remain untouched – the revised plan addresses our concerns and those within the community and other stakeholders we represent.

The project also responds to future growth needs and the need to transport people more efficiently into the City – this is good for the City and its future economic prosperity.

The revised plan is a better plan for Rymill Park and the Park Lands, with a net return expected to Park Lands and less trees impacted by the project.

This is a better plan for East End traders, it’s a better plan for local residents, and it’s a better plan for all city visitors.

The plan is good for road users, with Rundle Road being retained – which addresses concerns around increased traffic congestion and loss of car parking.

The outcome is better than anyone could have expected, and the Minister is to be commended for working closely with Council and all stakeholders to address concerns raised.

Most importantly, we thank members of the community for their feedback.

Martin Haese
Lord Mayor

For more information, see O-Bahn City Access Project.

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