06 Aug, 2015

Colour Me brings SALA to Adelaide Town Hall

Colour Me is a group exhibition presented at the Adelaide Town Hall and runs from 6 August – 1 October as part of the SALA Festival, featuring local emerging and established artists.

The exhibition explores the rich diversity of colour, in all its shades, shapes, material properties and the affects colour has on the way we see the world around us.

City of Adelaidelor Sue Clearihan said the exhibition demonstrates Council’s on-going commitment to providing opportunities for South Australian emerging curators and artists to showcase their works in one of Adelaide’s most iconic buildings.

“These artists’ practices explore colour, pattern and materiality. They use found materials, clay, glass, paint and photography to capture colour in unique ways.”

“The artists transform colour into sound, colour forming repetitive pattern, colour into beams of light, colour as representative, liquid colour, block colour, primary colour and colour fragments. These eclectic artworks are bringing colour to our City during the winter months” said Sue.

Polly Dance, City of Adelaide’s Emerging Curator said she wanted to curate an exhibition that reflected the ‘liveliness’ of South Australian contemporary art scene and was a true celebration of young, emerging and established Adelaide artists for this year’s SALA Festival.

“Colour Me is a fun, vibrant and quirky exhibition that has something for everybody, while also exploring very concurrent social issues such as equality, sustainability and resourcefulness,” said Polly.

For more information on Colour Me or Public Art in the City please visit cityofadelaide.com.au/public-art/

Artists: Steven Carson, Jemimah Dodd, Liam Fleming, Matt Huppatz, Zoe Kirkwood, Will Nolan, Sophia Nuske and
Jane Skeer
Curator: Polly Dance, as part of City of Adelaide’s Emerging Curator Program
Opening: 5.30pm Thursday 6 August
Opening Speaker: Louise Haselton, Artist, and Lecturer, Bachelor of Visual Art at the South Australian School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia
Adelaide Town Hall Level 1, 128 King William Street, Adelaide

This exhibition coincides with Disappearance, showing in the City of Adelaide Art Pod from 6 August- 1 October. Disappearance is a lo-fi projection work by Adelaide artist Andrew Dearman, showing as part of CACSA Contemporary 2015 and SALA Festival. Disappearance combines fractured personal memories with found imagery sourced from 1950s home movies. The work captures an anxiety that many parents held, and many children of the 1960s grew up with - where older siblings lived life in the front yard, while younger ones experienced childhood in the back yard. For more information on this exhibition and the Art Pod please visit cityofadelaide.com.au/artpod

Sophia Nuske, Soft Pencils, 2013, stoneware clay, acrylic paint, life-size. Photo-Michal Kluvanek. City of Adelaide Civic Collection.