22 Jun, 2015

ArmatureLIVE brings life to Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata

People walking through Hindmarsh Square/Mukata on Saturday 27 June will be in for an artistic surprise when ArmatureLIVE takes over the square from 11am to 4pm.

Presented by Access2Arts, and supported by Splash Adelaide, ArmatureLIVE is all about brief encounters between people and artworks that are shiftable, changeable, reactionary, and live.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said supporting creative projects through organisations like Access2Arts helps further develop awareness of the diversity of performing arts scene within the community.

“Bringing art to public spaces where people can interact as much or as little as they like is wonderful and Armature LIVE looks to be a really interesting event,” said Martin.

”This is a one of a kind performance that shows just how creative and intuitive people can be regardless of their ability or disability, when there are supports like Splash Adelaide in place.

“This performance is truly innovative and a must see, we want everyone to head to Hindmarsh Square/ Mukata to check it out. I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of talent we have in Adelaide and the lengths to which people will go to create a truly unique creative experience,” he said.

Access2Arts is a disability led organisation that works to increase access and support of professional development to artists with disability.

Acess2Arts Project Coordinator Meg Wilson said working and co-creating with such a talented and enthusiastic group of artists has been a great experience and she is excited to unveil this project in high profile Hindmarsh Square/Mukata and in the beautiful space of the City Library.

“It will be fantastic to see the ArmatureLIVE group perform in front of their peers and the community, who will be in no doubt of their talents by the end of their experience,” said Meg.

“A map guiding people through the artworks will allow people to interact with the artists, and speak to them about their experiences with ArmatureLIVE between performances,” she said.

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