11 Oct, 2016

Adelaide's Bike Future on the Agenda

This morning Town Hall hosts the 2016 Adelaide Bikeways Summit, where interconnected bike networks and shaping exciting new bike infrastructure will be top of the agenda.

Hosted by the Lord Mayor with local government counterparts, industry experts and representatives of precinct and community groups, the summit will explore the benefits of bikeways, and how the rollout of bike infrastructure can support a more sustainable city and add to people’s travel choices.

Council and the State Government recently announced $6m of funding each for north-south and east-west bikeways in the Adelaide CBD. Council’s contribution will include re-engineering of the existing Frome Street Bikeway and this will be extended to the River Torrens to ensure safety for students at the new CBD high school at the rear of the current Royal Adelaide Hospital site.

VIEW: Adelaide Bike Summit Agenda and Speaker Profiles

The summit will provide an opportunity for an examination of best practice cycling infrastructure, as well as a discussion amongst relevant stakeholders to hear their perspectives and priorities.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said engaging with stakeholders on the importance of good bike infrastructure for encouraging a more active city life was an important aspect of the summit.

“We want to generate excitement for upcoming projects and provide an awareness of the importance of high-quality interconnected bike networks and associated streetscape upgrades,” said Martin.

“I look forward to hearing from the City of Sydney, DPTI, Property Council, RAA and others about how we can get the right infrastructure in place for everyone to benefit.

“The broader community will also have the opportunity to provide input to bike infrastructure projects through ongoing and genuine project engagement approaches in the coming months.”

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Hon Stephen Mullighan MP, said the State Government had committed to partnering with the City of Adelaide to deliver bike infrastructure in the city.

“For Adelaide to provide a successful network of transportation, collaboration with the council, industry experts, businesses and community groups is crucial,” said Stephen.

“As well as dedicated cycling projects, our major infrastructure projects across the city also include new shared-use cycling and pedestrian paths further contributing to the bike network.

“Better understanding how bikeways can improve traffic flow and access to the city, contribute to our carbon neutral targets and provide safe cycling for all will help us plan for Adelaide’s future in a positive and effective manner.”

Today’s summit will be held from 8:30am to 12:30pm in Adelaide Town Hall’s Banqueting Room.

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