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Self Guided Tour: Talks, Trails and Tunes

It's not just about the sites, it's about the journey, the environment and the character that makes Adelaide special.


Join Bob, Mickey and Josh on our classic comedic and informative audio guide while you explore the Talks, Trails and Tunes Map.

If you'd like to download the podcasts, or use the soundcloud app click here.

Talks, Trails & Tunes Map

Click the symbol in the top left corner of the map 
Pick the character that excites you most.
Read the key and get orientated.  

All of the maps can be downloaded here and we've put together a Spotify playlist taking you through the generations of the SA sound. 

Self Guided Tour: Talks, Trails and Tunes


A sophisticated stroll around.

Activated, vibrant, renewed and curated. Sir doesn’t care what adjective you use. Like him, Adelaide smells of one thing - cultural sophistication. Sir is going to show you just why the arts are so eagerly celebrated here, why the streets convert to a literal bouquet of performance during the festival season. Dimly lit laneway venues, experimental arts spaces, pre loved book stores and well curated vinyl collections are coming up on your radar.

Route - Blue.

Self Guided Tour: Talks, Trails and Tunes

Onna Layover

A short guide to those on a big trip.

Maybe you hadn’t heart of Adelaide until it popped up on your flight path. One thing is for sure, you won’t be confined to your hostel bunk with a bowl of two minute noodles during your stay. Your adventure doesn’t have to take a rest - in fact, I wouldn’t waste a minute. Adelaide and her surrounds are filled with a treasure trove of wonders for those looking to have that iconic Australian trip.

Route - Green.

Self Guided Tour: Talks, Trails and Tunes

Pete Pennysaver

A guide to affordable Adelaide

Besides Colonel Light, Churches and Coopers Pale Ale, Adelaide is also known to be one of the most affordable cities to live work and play in Australia. Come on a journey through the happiest of hours, some bang for your buck food halls and a grand set of freely available public facilities unlike you’ve ever seen before.

Route - Red.

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