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Adelaide Pubs: More than Beer!


While Adelaide has evolved over the years, one thing has remained popular and integral to our local culture: The Pubs.

So often called the City of Churches, Adelaide is in fact, a city of pubs, with a higher per capita density of pubs than any other major Australian city. Indeed, with more than 70 pubs in the city centre alone, that is an indisputable fact.

Adelaide’s pubs also bridge a gap between the city’s history and its contemporary relevance in a way that few other institutions can do. Many of Adelaide’s pubs are some of the oldest buildings, even outdating the Adelaide Town Hall. With that fact in mind, one could make a loose argument that Adelaide’s Pubs are the true home of architectural, cultural and political history in this city!

These age-old structures have been so much more than simple watering houses over their lives. Throughout their histories, Adelaide’s pubs have acted as accommodation, restaurants, live music and theatre venues, social hubs, political fortresses, and even impromptu morgues.

The Botanic, Then and Now (Images courtesy of National Trust of South Australia)

(The Botanic on North Terrace, constructed in 1876, then and now)

And today they still fulfil these roles. While the popular image of a pub is just a place to drink, Adelaide’s pubs have so much more to offer than just a pint or a glass of wine.

Thanks to the National Trust of South Australia, we have a fantastic City Explorer App and website to offer those interested in Adelaide's history, and their City of Pubs trail should be of particular interest for anyone keen to learn about our pub-history!

If you're keen to discover even more of Adelaide's pubs and their history, check out our Pubs in the City of Adelaide, Other Interesting City of Adelaide Pubs and Pubs & Pews of North Adelaide pamphlets from previous History Festivals.

Here is a selection of the bevy of historic Adelaide pubs still acting as custodians of local culture and commerce while they pour a frosty beer:

Live Music
The Hotel Metropolitan
Exeter Hotel 
Austral Hotel
Grace Emily Hotel
The Astor Hotel
The Royal Oak
The Edinburgh Castle
The Duke of York Hotel
The Lion Hotel

Botanic Bar
Rob Roy Hotel
The Saracens
The Queens Head Hotel
The Kentish
The Seven Stars
General Havelock
The Union Hotel
Publisher's Hotel

The Franklin Boutique Hotel
Hotel Richmond

The Coopers Alehouse
The Rosemont Hotel
The Wellington Hotel
The Cathedral Hotel

Functions and Business
The Tivoli
The Archer
The Benjamin on Franklin
The Strathmore Hotel

Irish Pub
PJ O’Brien's

British Pubs
The Elephant
The British
The Duke of Brunswick

European Pubs
The Belgian Beer Cafe
The German Club

Images courtesy of National Trust of South Australia, Metropolitan Hotel, Hotel Richmond

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