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Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles are a space-saving, convenient and lower-cost alternative to private cars, and are well-suited to the city landscape. They play an important role in supporting Adelaide’s liveability by reducing traffic congestion and travel time for all road users.

Free On-street Parking

Within the CBD and in North Adelaide there are over 1,000 free on-street parking spaces designated specifically for motorcycles and scooters. The majority of these parking spaces are available all day.

In addition, motorcycle users can use any ticketed or timed parking bay. However, they must comply with the parking control. If using a ticketed bay the required fee must be paid and the purchased ticket retained.

Please check the signs carefully each time you park as on-street parking zones may change at any time.

When parallel parking, at least one wheel must be as near as practicable to the kerb.

When angle parking is indicated, a motorcycle must park within the bay with one of the wheels as close as possible to the kerb.

Free Parking on Footpaths

Motorcycles and scooters can be parked for free on eight designated footpath areas accommodating 140 spaces. 

All locations have signage to indicate where parking is permitted, and to assist riders to ensure safe parking.

  1. Light Square / Wauwi
  2. Hindmarsh Square / Mukata
  3. Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga – North
  4. Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga – South
  5. Angas Street
  6. Grote Street
  7. Wakefield Street – West
  8. Wakefield Street – East

Footpath Parking FAQs

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Paid Off-street Parking

UPark has 54 motorcycle parking spaces available for $5.50 or $6 per day. Reserved spaces are also available. Contact UPark to find out more.

There are a number of other off-street car parks where motorcycle parking is permitted:

  • UPark at Central Market (21-59 Grote Street)
  • UPark on Gawler Place (9–17 Gawler Place)
  • UPark on Grote Street (82 Grote Street)
  • UPark on Light Square (22-140 Currie Street)
  • UPark at Topham Mall (52-54 Waymouth Street)
  • UPark on Wyatt Street (18-34 Wyatt Street)
  • Adelaide Central (225 North Terrace)
  • Myer Centre (22 Rundle Mall)
  • Plaza (14 - 16 Solomon Street)
  • Rundle Place (90-100 Grenfell Street)
  • State Centre (172 Gawler Place)
  • The Terrace (124 - 126 Hindley Street)

How do motorcycle and scooter riders access designated parking areas?

Motorcycle and scooter riders should access the designated areas using the adjacent ramp, driveway or service road, to assist with safe access that will not impact on pedestrian movements. Motorcyclists are not under any circumstances permitted to ride along the footpaths.

How are motorcycle and scooter areas designated?

Motorcycle and scooter riders can only park in the designated footpath areas. Signs delineate the area where you can park your motorcycle. Any motorcycle or scooter found parked outside of the designated footpath area may be issued a fine in accordance with Australian Road Rule regulation 197. Fines may also be issued by SAPOL.

Will there be interactions between people riding motorcycles or scooters and pedestrians?

The locations do not require motorcycles or scooters to cross footpath areas or pedestrian desire lines. Unlike the recently changed laws regarding riding bicycles along footpaths, riding a motorcycle or scooter on a footpath is an offence.

Is motorcycle/scooter parking free, and are time limits imposed on the parking?

Motorcycle and scooter parking is free, consistent with all other on-street motorcycle and scooter parking in the City of Adelaide. There are no time limits, but this may be reviewed in the future as part of a broader on-street motorcycle parking review.

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