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Car Share

Car sharing is a service where people can rent cars for short periods, often by the hour. It is useful for people who make only occasional use of a vehicle, and for those who occasionally need a vehicle of a different type to the one they normally use. Fuel, cleaning, registration and servicing are all included in the price charged.

If you don’t own a car, using a car share vehicle is a great way of getting around.

GoGet operates a car share service in the city. 

Car sharing is effectively short-term car rental with the vehicles being spread across the city, allowing users (who have registered with GoGet) to simply walk up and drive away.

Having a car share scheme provides a number of advantages to the city, and to the residents, businesses and others that use the service.

Car share schemes:

  • Lead to fewer cars on the road and thus to a reduction in carbon emissions
  • Use on-street parking spaces more efficiently by reducing the number of vehicles searching for a parking space
  • Allow organisations and businesses to reduce the number of vehicles in their fleet
  • Support the local economy by reducing the need for businesses and individuals to own a private vehicle and parking space
  • Provide a sustainable transport option for city users and increases their physical activity
  • Lead to improved health as car share users walk, cycle and use public transport more often
  • Increase social inclusion by allowing households that could not otherwise afford a vehicle to have access to a variety of them
  • Can reduce housing costs in new developments by reducing the need for car parking.
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