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Travel Etiquette

Feel the wind in your hair and the pedals at your feet while you roll safely through the city. 

Be Aware and Share

When travelling around the city, be aware of your surroundings as you share the roads and paths with other pedestrians, motorists and bike riders.


Keep in mind:

  • Use your bell to let pedestrians know you are approaching. 
  • Be cautious of pedestrians when using shared paths or pedestrian crossings.
  • Stick to the left to allow other cyclists to overtake.
  • Signal your movements with your hands to let people around you know your actions.
  • Red lights and road rules apply to all motorists and cyclists.
  • For information on other cycling laws and road rules for cyclists, click here.


  • Green bike boxes - To assist with saftey, green boxes with white bike sybmols are painted on the road at some intersections. They allow cyclists to wait in front of and to be more easily seen by drivers. See more about green bike boxes.
  • A hook turn - At some intersections a hook turn may be a safer and more convenient way for cyclists wanting to make a right turn on some roads. See more about hook turns
  • Separated bikeways - Kerb-side separated bikeways provide cyclists with a safer cycling experience with their own dedicated lane separated from moving and parked vehicles. See more about kerb-side separated bikeways.


Keep in mind:

  • A pedestrian crossing is the safest way to cross the street.
  • Be patient and obey traffic signals so motorists and cyclists can anticipate your movements.
  • Both pedestrians and cyclists can use shared paths. If using one, ensure you and your group stay left at all times.
  • Check for traffic in both directions even if you are at a pedestrian crossing.


Keep in mind:

  • Before opening your door, check that there are no bikes or vehicles approaching from behind or infront.
  • Look out for bike riders and pedestrians whenever you are turning, especially when turning left.
  • When pulling over or attempting to parallel park, look out for cyclists.
  • Be aware that some one way roads in the city that allow contra-flow cycling, so you may see a bike rider coming from either direction. 

Bikeway Bliss Tips

To make your ride on the bikeway on Frome Street as blissful as possible, keep these three handy tips in mind. Plus, leep an eye out for the bikeway counters to see how many cyclists have whizzed by daily, monthly and yearly.

1. Give way at pedestrian crossings

There are pedestrian crossings on the bikeway outside the two Frome Street hotels. These crossings are marked with parallel white stripes on the bikeway and require cyclists to give way to pedestrians, in the same way that you would at a pedestrian crossing on a road. Please be alert and slow down when you are nearing the hotels.

2. Take extra care at intersections

Drivers and pedestrians may take time to become familiar with how to correctly cross the separated bikeway so be patient and take extra care.

When drivers are turning left, and you are continuing straight, be sure the driver has seen you and is giving way before continuing. Be cautious of pedestrians unknowingly standing on the bikeway, especially at intersections.

3. Be patient at driveways

There are several driveways which vehicles must access by crossing the bikeway. Be patient if drivers are temporarily stopped across the bikeway.

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