Single point of contact

Facilitating developments within the city and North Adelaide over $5 million

Coordinating large projects is a complex process however the City of Adelaide wants to assist developers as best as we can.

Single Point of Contact Program (SPOC)

The City of Adelaide recognises this and has introduced the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Program offered by the Planning and Development team. The SPOC will contact you once you have lodged your Development Application.

The program ensures that the Developer or Project Manager of a development is in contact with one central facilitator, or SPOC, from Council.

The SPOC will assist you in coordinating permit applications all services and permits required from Council – from traffic management approvals, temporary parking controls and public realm occupation, to tree, street furniture and light pole removals. As a result, you’ll save time and money, as well as giving you an ability to accurately budget for upcoming costs.

A note about City Works and other key authorisations

If you are undertaking commercial maintenance or construction works in the public realm you need to apply a City Works Permit prior to commencing the work. You may also need to apply for Local Nuisance exemptions and Temporary Parking Control alterations, depending on your planned activity.

Special conditions apply, including notifying adjoining owners and occupiers as well as other local stakeholders, consultation and public consultation prior to commencement of work.

You'll find more information about this, and anticipated turn-around times on our City Works page. 

Ready to apply?

To ensure the fastest possible turn-around, please use the link below to submit your Major Construction Authorisations application direct to your SPOC. This form covers your City Works permit, Local Nuisance exemption and Temporary Parking Control alterations as required.

The following information must be supplied with your application so it can be processed:

  • a certificate of currency of your Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $20 million, noting City of Adelaide as an interested party
  • a Traffic Management Plan/ Site Plan (a map which details the location of the works, street, property line, hoarding/mesh, lighting, pedestrian signs, spotters, distances etc.)
  • confirmation of consultation that has been undertaken with any/all affected parties in the area of your works.

Apply now

Need more information?

To set up an initial consultation and ensure your project’s eligibility for the program, please contact our SPOC team.

08 8203 7881

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