Mandatory notifications

Certain stages of development work require notification to Council.

Under the Development Act 1993, you (or the applicant) must notify Council of various stages of construction for all Development Applications. Inspections may be required by Council Officers.

Depending on the nature of work (Residential or Commercial) notification of the following stages of building work must be given to the Council within one business day of:

  • Commencement of building work on the site
  • Reinforcement placed/ready for Inspection
  • Completion of wall framing (prior to fixing of linings)
  • Completion of roof framing (prior to fixing any internal or external claddings)
  • Completion of wet areas waterproofing (prior to fixing linings)
  • Completion of Building Work

If your project involves a swimming pool you must notify Council within one business day of:

  • the completion of the construction of a swimming pool (before the pool is filled with water). Note: A temporary or permanent swimming pool safety barrier complying with AS1926.1-2012 must be in place before the swimming pool can be filled with water.
  • the completion of the construction of a safety fence of barrier for a swimming pool.
  • in relation to some other form of building work where swimming pool safety features (within the meaning of Section 71AA of the Development Act 1993) are relevant – the completion of that aspect or those aspects of the building work relating to the swimming pool safety features.
  • Commencement of building work on the site
  • In relation to building work involving the use of a designated building product on a designated building – The intended commencement of the installation of the designated building product.
  • Completion of Building Work

Required information

When notifying Council, you must include the following information:

• DA number

• site address

• contact details (including phone number)

• builders licence number

Failure to provide this information may result in enforcement action.

Please submit your notification by email to: [email protected]

Need more information?

Please contact the City of Adelaide Planning Department:

8203 7185