Development policy

Development Policy enables activities and buildings that create a city which is designed for the life its residents want.

From the time of its planning, Adelaide has always been a city with the wellbeing of its inhabitants in mind. As the city has grown and matured, the experience of its people has always been considered.

Today Adelaide has a well-deserved reputation as one of the great small cities of the world. It is the economic and cultural powerhouse of the State where a large percentage of the population chooses to live, work, invest and spend time.

Its infrastructure and continuing housing developments reinforce the destination’s reputation as an accessible, healthy and affordable place to live.

The internationally renowned and locally cherished Park Lands allow a range of recreational pursuits and social connections while remaining sensitive to its environmental value, cultural heritage.

Within the City of Adelaide, development policy has recently been focusing on the successful transition to the new planning system for SA. The State Planning Commission is leading this reform and is releasing a number of papers for consultation until the new planning system is fully implemented by July 2020.

There are numerous additional ways that you can get involved in shaping the Development Policy of the City of Adelaide to ensure that this continues.

Read the current Adelaide (City) Development Plan.