Council Assessment Panel (CAP)

The role of the Panel is to assist Council with the assessment and determination of development applications.

The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) was established under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 (PDI Act). The role of the Panel is to assist Council with the assessment and determination of development applications against the relevant provisions of Council’s Development Plan.

The role of the Council Assessment Panel

The Council’s Assessment Panel is advised by Council’s Administration, and its key roles include:

  • The assessment and determination of development applications
  • The consideration of proposals subject to appeal to the Environment Resources and Development Court
  • The consideration of other assessment matters referred to the Panel by Council’s Administration or those initiated by the Panel
  • Hearing representations from the public concerning applications that have been publicly notified

The role of the Panel may change over time as the Planning, Development Infrastructure Act 2016 is implemented.

Meet the panel

The Panel is comprised of five members. Of the five members, there is one Elected Member of the Council and four members that are independent of the Council. 

The Panel members are:

  • Mark Adcock (Independent Presiding Member)
  • Marc Duncan (Independent Member)
  • Colleen Dunn (Independent Member)
  • Mads Gaardboe (Independent Member)
  • Councillor Arman Abrahimzadeh OAM (Council Member)
  • Julian Rutt (Deputy Independent Member)

Note: Julian Rutt is able to act as Deputy Member in the absence of any of the independent members.

The Panel members must adhere to the Minister’s Code of Conduct for the Council Assessment Panel and act in line with the Council’s Instrument of Delegation. View the terms of reference for the Council Assessment Panel.

All CAP meetings are undertaken in accordance with the endorsed meeting procedures.

Meeting Schedule

The Council Assessment Panel meets on the 4th Monday of every month. Please refer to the schedule below for upcoming meeting dates.

CAP meetings are held in the Colonel Light Room and public attendance is limited due to current COVID-19 social distancing and density restrictions. Applicants and representors are requested to limit attendance to one person per item.

To register your interest to attend in person, please contact the Duty Planner on 8203 7185 or email [email protected].

You can view the meeting agendas and minutes here.

    • 3 February*
    • 24 February
    • 23 March
    • 27 April
    • 25 May
    • 22 June
    • 27 July
    • 24 August
    • 28 September
    • 26 October
    • 23 November
    • 21 December+

    * Meeting not on the 4th Monday of January due to public holiday
    + Meeting not on the 4th Monday of December due to Christmas closure

    • 1 February*
    • 22 February
    • 22 March
    • 28 April*
    • 24 May
    • 28 June
    • 26 July
    • 23 August
    • 27 September

    * Meeting not on the 4th Monday of the month due to public holiday