North Terrace footpath upgrade

The City of Adelaide has allocated $4.5 million to upgrade parts of the footpath on the southern side of North Terrace, from King William Street to Gawler Place and from Frome Street to East Terrace. The upgrade will involve high-quality paving, greening and increased numbers of trees, with detailed designs and service investigations underway.

Status of project

We have completed service identifications and are currently finalising the design with a view toward consulting with the community in the coming months, and commencing construction works between King William and Gawler Place prior to Christmas 2019 and works from Frome Street to East Terrace occurring during 2020.


The project team will liaise engage with the local community regarding the proposed designs. They will discuss access requirements and plan essential business services with people who will be directly impacted by the works.

Construction activity will follow the completion of underground service investigations which will identify the best locations for new trees.


Need more information?

If you have questions about the North Terrace footpath upgrade please contact Benjamin Hall:

8203 7203