Frequently asked questions

Answering common questions about Council development of 88 O’Connell Street

In February 2018, after 30 years of lying vacant, the City of Adelaide purchased the former Le Cornu site at 88 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide.

The site presents an opportunity to facilitate a strategic development in a timely way that considers the needs of the community and contributes to the future of North Adelaide as a commercial and residential district.

Here we answer your questions about the project.

Guiding principles are high level criteria that define the City of Adelaide’s requirements for the site. We will assess any proposals for use of the site against these principles to ensure we are consistent with our objectives.

Council intends to develop this site in accordance with the guiding principles that were adopted following consultation with the local and wider community. This will help us to come up with a plan that considers community, financial, environmental and other aspects.

There has been a staged approach to this engagement. During the first stage we heard what the community do and don't want on the site. Stemming from this we've finalised Guiding Principles in response to feedback from stakeholders.

The general community, North Adelaide residents and property owners and North Adelaide traders and businesses have all had opportunity to contribute feedback. A report summarising previous community engagement and feedback received is available by clicking here.

The City of Adelaide’s first priority was to remove the fences, improve the general look of the area, and open up the site to the community. The lawn area is now open and available for all in the community to enjoy.

We have held a number of short-term events and activities on the site and will continue to do so in the coming months as we transition towards a long-term redevelopment plan. All events will be listed at What's On. 

Site activation refers to all of the temporary activities on the site that will bring the community together and enhance the site as we transition towards development.

Council intends to provide ongoing updates about its plans for the site.

People are also encouraged to register on Council’s community engagement portal where regular updates will also be provided.

These plans have not been prepared by the City of Adelaide and do not represent the council’s position on the development of the site. We still have a process ahead of us before we prepare and release any plans regarding site development.

The newspaper approached three Adelaide firms and asked them to design a master plan for 88 O’Connell Street, including artist impressions and a description of the elements of the concepts.

It’s wonderful to see encouraging ideas about potential future uses and this shows just how much community interest there is in bringing this site to life. There may be future opportunities to progress some of the ideas that the community has interest in as we move through the planning and engagement stages.

Eighty Eight O’Connell is private land owned by the City of Adelaide and is located in the Main Street (O’Connell) Zone of the City of Adelaide Development Plan. The Development Plan policy for this site does not allow for standalone car parking. A new Development Application would be required to change this.

A Development Application was recently approved that allows the City of Adelaide to temporarily use the site for events and to provide events based ancillary parking during event times.

Further to this, Councillor Couros recently raised a Motion on Notice at a Council Meeting held on 11 December 2018 (refer to Council Minutes ) . The motion requests that the administration undertake work to look for ways to open the site as a car park. This work is currently underway, and a report will be provided to Council in early 2019.