Current status

We're delivering one of South Australia’s largest commercial property developments.


Following the release of the Central Market Arcade concept designs, the detailed design process will commence. This process will involve multiple stakeholders.

It is anticipated that construction will commence in 2021 and securing all statutory approvals and tenancy pre-commitments.

The construction period for the City of Adelaide’s returnable work (6,000m2 of retail, public car parking and loading/service areas) is estimated at 24 to 30 months.

The time period for the whole redevelopment (beyond the City of Adelaide’s returnable work) is expected to be three and a half to five years subject to the construction methodology.

Works notifications

As the project progresses the works notifications will be published on the relevant webpage as well as being distributed to relevant stakeholders.

Trading in the lead-up to redevelopment

While preparing for construction, City of Adelaide is working closely with the Central Market Arcade Traders Association and traders to support the existing Central Market Arcade.

You’ll find details of forthcoming activities and campaigns at the Central Market Arcade Facebook page and website

Need more information?

If you have a question in regards to the development process, please refer to the project's Frequently Asked Questions section or contact Matthew Rodda, City of Adelaide Project Manager:

8203 7537

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