A brand to be shared

Adelaide. Designed for Life. was designed to be a unifying and inclusive brand. 

Do you share our goal of seeing our city flourish and grow?

There are many ways you can infuse Adelaide. Designed for Life. in how you market the Adelaide experience and tell the story of a place that is designed with thought and purpose for the wellbeing of our city and our community.

Read on to be inspired by others who have already started sharing the Adelaide story, see examples of its use in the media, and utilise tools and resources to help you. 

Brand toolkit

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start, and that's why we've put together our Adelaide. Designed for Life. brand book.

This digital toolkit will inspire and support you in the interpretation of the brand, and how you can adopt it in your communication.


See examples of how our partners have taken the Adelaide. Designed for Life. philosophy and incorporated it to enhance their story and offerings. 

Funded by government, university and educational institutions, StudyAdelaide is the key marketer of Adelaide as Australia's premier city for learning. Using Adelaide. Designed for Life. StudyAdelaide positions the city as a place where international students can experience educational excellence and where their wellbeing is a priority. See how they shared our city story

Designing the Archives is an international conference held in Adelaide in October 2019 for record keepers, librarians, data managers and more. 

Notice how they have incorporated Adelaide. Designed for Life. throughout their website, presenting the visitor with an array of amazing things to explore while in the city, and how Adelaide is the perfect gateway to a quintessential South Australian experience. 

The Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN) champions the uptake of sustainable and ecologically beneficial practices within all industries linked to the built environment, spreading their message in a number of ways. 

Listen to the podcast of the panel discussion centred around what Designed for Life means for the Living Buildings challenge and creating positive outcomes for a city.

Invited by Director of the Centre for Urban Design for Mental Health (based in the UK), Trish Hansen, Founder and Principal of Urban Mind wrote a case study of urban design for wellbeing and mental health in Adelaide, Australia. The case study aimed to:

  • promote Adelaide's capability in this field to the relevant global professional community
  • identify and build on opportunities
  • bring together the many practitioners and leaders contributing to this field in diverse ways for Adelaide to connect and better understand each other’s work and genuinely collaborate - to know what each other is doing, avoid overlaps and identify gaps.

Read the full case study.

If you share our vision for Adelaide, let’s chat about working together to achieve our common goals. We will be more than happy to offer you guidelines and answer any questions you may have around incorporating the city brand into your communications strategy.

Contact us to talk about how the essence of Adelaide. Designed for Life. can support your business.