Soundscape program

photo-icon Dr Maarten Daudeij

Encompassing sound art within the City of Adelaide public art program.

The Soundscape program is a proud initiative of the City of Adelaide and has been forging deeper relationships and connections with the arts community since its inception in 2016.

What is sound art?

Traditionally, art is something visual. Sound art however, is a form of contemporary art, where sound is the medium. The sounds can be anything from everyday noises and voices, to those distorted and manufactured to create something entirely new. The beauty of sound art is that while traditional art is usually secured in one place, sound art can be played just about anywhere through speakers or headphones.

Soundscape Adelaide

The City of Adelaide Soundscape installations are located in Francis Street, just off Rundle Mall (it’s where you’ll find the entry to the City Library).

Current sound exhibition

Hopscotch Jukebox

John Denlay

Artist Residency Adelaide City Library

Artwork will be on display in Francis Street October to November 2019

Visit the City Library and see the new multimedia artwork created by John Denlay. Hopscotch Jukebox has been created as part of the City Library Francis Street Smart Art & Residency.

During the residency Denlay worked with music workshop participants to co-create a collection of songs to accompany the footpath decals and digital animations. Denlay explored real/virtual themes with the aid of generative computer art to develop the animations, to then superimpose the animations over still images of Francis Street. With the idea to create interactions between the real and virtual worlds.

The footpath decals continue this real/virtual theme, presenting the collection of 10 songs with accompanying music videos in pixelated form. The music videos can be viewed via a mobile device using the QR code on the decals. The footpath decals are arranged in a hopscotch layout to encourage the viewer to play hopscotch while listening to the songs.

Visit the Hopscotch Jukebox playlist to hear ten short songs created at music workshops in the City Library's media lab.

Hopscotch jukebox

Image: John Denlay, Hopscotch Jukebox (digital animation still), 2019, Francis Street Smart Art and Music Residency. Image courtesy of the artist.

Previous exhibitions

Exhibition dates: June to August 2019

Place: Adelaide City Library

Maarten Daudeij | PhD(FA)

Enter the world of 3D augmented-reality through the artwork Memorial Meteorites: Echoes of Eternity of City Library Smart Art - Francis Street – Visual Art and Music Residency, Dr Maarten Daudeij. The 10 footpath decals (Meteorites) in Francis Street are activated through your Facebook app to experience both a musical and 3D visual component.

During his two-month residency Maarten went on a journey that was an exercise in trust in the artistic process. Slowly he taught himself the basics of 3D and 4D digital imaging, animation and Augmented Reality. Often there were findings, arising out of desperation, shining new light and lending new meaning to the slowly developing weave that was to be the outcome of the project.

Soundscape program by Dr Maarten Daudeij at the city library
photo-icon Dr Maarten Daudeij

Duration: 3.16

Exhibition dates: February to April 2019

Place: Francis Street, Adelaide

Jake is co-founder of Tooth and Nail Studio, a communal art studio in Adelaide. He is also a founding member of PRINT CULT, a group of seven contemporary Australian printmakers. He is from Adelaide.

Jake worked together with the City Library on Home to create an artwork with accompanying soundscape and engage with the local community through a workshop program.

Duration: Approximately 108 minutes

Exhibition Dates: 12 April 2018 to 11 June 2018

Place: Breezeway - 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Gary Warner b.1957 Brisbane, QLD. Lives and works in Sydney, NSW.

‘The aleatoric ensemble’ is a sonic-kinetic sculptural and performative acoustic work Gary developed using modified turntables fitted with various tins and boxes with bric-a-brac inside them. As the turntables rotate, the objects roll about and strike surfaces, generating a range of unusual, suggestively musical and percussive sounds, in cyclic yet slightly variant patterns. Gary recorded these sounds, then manipulate and mix them with other of his field recordings to produce experimental soundscapes.

Duration: 12 mins

Exhibition Dates: 15 February 2018 to 8 April 2018

Inspired by the concept of Sonic Ruptures (coined by sound artist Jordan Lacey), sound installations creatively responding to urban soundscapes and environments, A Day in An Alleyway captures in miniature the evolution of the Adelaide CBD soundscape over a 24 hour period. It comprised field recordings of Featherstone Place and samples taken from around the city.

Artpod jesse budel

Duration: 15:40 (looped)

Exhibition Dates: 14 December 2017 to 12 February 2018

‘Complimentary Lane’ is a continuation of Rose Turtle Ertler’s Complimentary Caravan - an ongoing collection of spoken and written compliments. It provides a space where people are invited to consider what it is to receive and also give a compliment. All compliments you hear were recorded in Adelaide with the background atmosphere recorded on site around the Pirie Street breezeway.

Artpod rose turtle ertler

Duration: 7 minutes (looped)

Exhibition Dates: 12 October to 11 December 2017

In cities walking is the norm; it is polite to go at a steady pace. Running in the street is associated with slightly disruptive acts as well as the childlike, free and unencumbered. This sound work enters the potential of running in the city. It is built around recordings from my own runs and branches out into moments of joy and riot.

Duration: 46:50 minutes (looped)

Exhibition Dates: 7 September to 9 October 2017

Listen to an excerpt of the work here

The breezeway at 25 Pirie Street is surrounded by texts: memorial plaques, notices regarding public safety and well-being, tightly-crafted slogans of the Smart City Studio windows and Enterprise Adelaide brochures. By definition, silent, largely ignored by passers-by, 25 Pirie Street : Heard on the Wind gives voice to these texts using digital sampling technology. 18 text-to-speech synthesisers read the texts, generating a base set of 500 voice samples, that were sped up and slowed down, reversed and delayed, repitched and translated into solos, conversations, choirs, snatches of melody, the heard out loud, and the barely heard at all.

Artpod ian gibbins

Duration: 9:53 minutes (looped)

Exhibition Dates: Thursday 3 August – Tuesday 5 September 2017

Is this place like home?” is a concrète piece that explores the composer's migration experience from Colombia to Australia. 

Years after moving to the new country the notion of home becomes complicated as those surreal new places, once unrecognisable, start becoming familiar, creating a fracture between two homes -irreconcilable in their distance.

Image: courtesy of the artist.

Is this place like home

Duration: 56 minutes (looped)

Integrating 52 x 30 second field recordings of different quiet spaces in the city of Adelaide and the voice of Caroline Daish, this work forms part of Jason’s ‘Quiet Ecology’ project and is a meditation upon the city as a site for reverence, silence, uneasiness and variable spiritualities.  

Image: courtesy of the artist

Public art jason sweeney silence

2-channel sound composition
: ∞

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 26 April – Monday 6 June 2016

Listen to an excerpt of the work here

Orbits is a sound work developed specifically for the City of Adelaide walkthrough. The sonic material is drawn from two cyclical chord sequences played on a 1950’s reed organ routed to a harmonic modulator. Since the two chord sequences are of different lengths, the sequences slip out of phase with each other (a phase relation) and - in conjunction with the harmonic modulator - result in complex harmonies and textures.

Soundscape tristan louth robins