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In An Emergency

Emergencies are defined as "crisis events, actual or imminent, which endanger life, property or the environment, and which require a significant coordinated response". They are an inherent part of the Australian environment, and while we cannot prevent them, we can minimise the risks they pose.

The information on this page will assist you to:

  • Understand what you can do in the event of an emergency
  • Identify who to contact for emergency assistance
  • Improve your understanding of emergencies.

State Emergency Service (SES) provides advice on planning and preparing for extreme weather events, to reduce the impact on property, life and keep you safe. Their Action Guides are produced by Emergency Management Australia (EMA) and are designed to help communities prepare for a wide range of emergencies.

During an emergency event it is important to listen to instructions, information, advice and updates on your local ABC radio station. Please tune to AM 89.1 ABC radio.

Emergency Contact List

South Australia Police (SAPOL)

000 (Emergency)
131 444 (Attendance)
1800 333 000 (Crime Stoppers)

Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS)

000 (Emergency)


000 (Emergency)

State Emergency Services (SES) Emergency

132 500

Country Fire Services (CFS)

1300 362 361 (Bush Fire Hotline)

Bureau of Meteorology

1300 659 215

Poisons Information

13 11 26

National Security

1800 123 400

Extreme Weather Warnings

Stay cool at Adelaide Central Bus Station

Opening of the Adelaide Central Bus Station has become a feature of Adelaide heatwaves in recent years, as Council recognises there are visitors and residents who may not have access to air-conditioning.

City of Adelaide will on days of extreme temperatures open the doors of its Central Bus Station. This is to assist those people seeking relief from the heat to rest in the air-conditioned comfort of the Bus Station at 85 Franklin Street every day during the predicted heatwave. Security will be in place to ensure people’s safety.

Heat-wave suffers are reminded to stay hydrated, dress for summer, minimise sun exposure and seek medical advice if necessary. For further information, see State Emergency Service.

Extreme heat warnings are issued by the State Emergency Services (SES).

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