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Upsize my Residential Bins

To help residents manage their recycling and waste, City of Adelaide is offering larger recycling and waste bins PLUS up to two additional organics bins.

Photo of residential recycling, waste and organics binCity of Adelaide currently provides residential premises with:

  • 1 x Waste - 140-litre red lid bin
  • 1 x Recycling - 240-litre yellow lid bin
  • 1 x Organics - 240-litre lime green lid bin

This is the standard service. If you do not have any of these bins, please contact us on 8203 7203.

Information iconLooking for more information on standard residential waste collection services?

What are my Upsize Bin options?

If you are a resident and currently have a Council waste and collection service, you may be eligible for:

  • Up to one (1) additional 240-litre organics bin
  • A larger 240-litre waste bin - the new Upsize Bin will replace your existing bin
  • A larger 360-litre recycling bin - the new Upsize Bin will replace your existing bin

* Fees apply for any order of an additional or larger bin. Minimum term is 12 months.

Tip iconBefore you consider upsizing your waste bin, think about reducing your waste by recycling and using your organics bin to dispose of food waste. If you don't have an organics bin, you can order one by contacting us on 8203 7203.

Apply Now

Other upsizing options - Multi-dwelling sites

If you are a resident living in a multi-dwelling site, you will need to confirm your eligibility for an Upsized Bin(s) first.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, contact your Body Corporate to ask them to request an Upsized Bin on your behalf.

If you are the Body Corporate, please email us to make an appointment or contact us on 8203 7203 to discuss the appropriate options for your site.

Who can order bins?

  • Tenants and renters of single dwelling premises
  • House owners
  • Body Corporates

Before ordering a larger 360L recycling bin, ensure there is enough space to move and store it on your property. The 360L bin's footprint is 870mm x 680mm, height 1100mm.

Upsize Bin options

 Bin Type

Bin Limit per Household

 Annual Charge

Additional Information

Additional Organics Bin
(lime green lid)

Upsize your organics waste bin (green)


$51 per bin

  • You can have up to 1 additional organics bin.

Larger Recycling Bin
(yellow lid)

Upsize your general waste bin (red)



  • Provides 50% more capacity (extra 120L) to recycle more materials.
  • Your current 240L recycling bin will be replaced with 1 x 360L bin.
  • 360L bin footprint: 870mm x 680mm, height 1100mm.

Larger Waste Bin
(red lid)

Upsize your recycling bin (yellow)



  • Your current 140L waste bin will be replaced with 1 x 240L waste bin.

For more information, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below or call 8203 7203 to speak with our customer service personnel.


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