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Illegal Dumping Trial

Trial Approach

Illegal dumping is placing waste on public land including public roads, verges, footpaths or parks without Council’s permission. It is illegal to place your rubbish or unwanted household items in a public place without Council permission (Under Section 22, Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016).

People found dumping rubbish or goods can be:

  • issued with an on the spot fine between $210 and $1,000
  • taken to court and fined maximum penalty from $5,000 to $120,000

Collecting and disposing of illegally dumped waste costs Council more than $50,000 every year. This money could be spent on improving your community.

Illegal dumping:

  • is unsightly and can be dangerous
  • can block access for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles
  • can cause health and safety issues and attract vermin
  • is a financial burden to the Council and ratepayers
  • often attracts further dumping of waste at the site
  • may act as a signal to other residents that:

--it’s hard waste collection time, so they should add unwanted belongings to the pile
--its OK to put unwanted belongings on public land at any time.
--If collected immediately, can encourage repeat behaviour

​New Approach to Illegal Dumping

To help reduce the incidence of illegal dumping, illegally dumped waste will be sectioned off with high visibility yellow and black tape to illustrate that Council is aware of the illegally dumped waste and that it is being investigated. Council expects that the tape will help dissuade others from further adding to the pile.

Where the yellow and black tape is used, an information flyer will be distributed to neighbouring properties alerting residents that:

  • the illegal dumping is under investigation
  • there are options for disposing of the items legally
  • penalties can be imposed on those responsible for illegal dumping
  • they can contact Council if they have any information on the illegally dumped items

If the waste is removed, no further action will be taken. 

Waste that remains for more than two working days after being taped, will be further investigated by Council staff.

To report illegal dumping, contact Council on 8203 7203.

Options for Legal Disposal

The City of Adelaide offers booked ‘at call’ hard waste collections for residents to dispose of household items, including white goods, furniture, packaging material and electronics. 

Click here for more information

To book a collection online

Phone: Solo Resource Recovery on 8159 5001 (Monday – Friday 7am– 6pm)

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