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How do I Recycle?

What can you put in your yellow lid recycling bin?

DO put in:

Paper and cardboard:

  • Newspaper, magazines and junk mail
  • Egg cartons, food boxes and packaging
  • Envelopes (plastic windows are ok)
  • Empty pizza boxes
  • Rinsed coffee paper cups

Drink and Food Cartons:

  • Milk, custard, juice, ice cream. 


  • Empty beverage and medicine bottles
  • Jars and condiment bottles

Plastic (rigid containers): 

  • Drink bottle containers
  • Detergent, spray bottles
  • Shampoo, conditioner & cosmetic bottles
  • Yogurt and ice-cream containers
  • Butter tubs
  • Chocolate and biscuit trays
  • Clean plant pots and seedling tub

Metal Cans and Tins

  • Empty aerosol, food, drink, fish cans
  • Pet food cans
  • Biscuit cans

Please Note: Rinse drink, food, metal and plastic containers; save water by using leftover dishwater.

What can you put in your red lid general waste bin?

DO put in:

  •  Chip packets, lolly and chocolate wrappers, nappies, fabric, linen, clothing, cleaning cloths and sponges
  •  Broken crockery and cutlery
  •  Broken glass, mirrors, ceramics and window glass (wrapped)
  • String, rope, plastic strapping and netting
  • Video and audio tapes, CDs, memory cards
  • Plastic bags

DO NOT put in:

  • Vegetation
  • Recyclable materials (place in yellow bin)
  • Hot ash (wrap cold ash securely)
  • Tree stumps
  • Silt, sand and stones
  • Liquids (paints, oil, solvents and chemicals)
  • Building materials (concrete, bricks and sawdust)
  • Large pieces of metal

Green Organics (Green lid)

DO put in: 

  • Food Waste
  • Grass clippings
  • Weeds
  • Branches (under 60cm long and 15cm diameter)
  • Leaves, flowers and garden pruning’s

DO NOT put in:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plant pots, plastic plant tags
  • Animal waste
  • Waste pesticides, herbicides or oil
  • Concrete, bricks, rubble, tiles, terracotta, pavers and rocks
  • Sand or dirt
  • Ash (hot or cold)
  • Tree stumps
  • Branches (over 15cm diameter or longer than 60cm)

Please Note: To avoid compaction and improve air circulation, place coarser materials (such as sticks or branches) in the base of the bin. Aim for a mix of course and fine organic materials throughout.

If you have an item for waste removal, that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, you can check out our pages on Hard Waste, Electronic Waste and Hazardous Waste.

If you’re still unsure of if you can recycle it visit Zero Waste SA for more info.

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