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Swimming Pools and Spas at Home

Poorly maintained swimming pools can create serious health risks for users. Humans, animals and the environment can contaminate pools with infectious organisms. In most cases these organisms cause mild illness, but some infections can be serious or potentially fatal.

All domestic swimming pools need regular cleaning:

· remove litter and vacuum the bottom of the pool regularly to remove dirt and debris

· scrub the pool walls and surrounding areas regularly to remove debris

· clean the pump lint-pot and filter system regularly (daily when using manual dosing)

· repair any damaged pool surfaces

· keep pipes, filters and motors in good working order

· service all pool equipment according to manufacturer's directions

· ensure all electrical equipment is maintained in good condition

· use a pool cover when the pool is not in use to keep dirt, leaves and debris out, to minimise mosquito breeding, and to reduce water loss by evaporation

· store, handle and use pool chemicals according to the manufacturer's instructions

Domestic pools should not be used if:

· the disinfectant level and/or pH is not within the recommended range or the pool water is dirty or cloudy

· the water has been heavily contaminated

· the recirculation pumps and filters are not operating properly

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