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Dog and Cat Registration

The Dog and Cat Management Board in conjunction with Councils have simplified the way your dog and cat microchip and registration details are managed.

The Dog and Cat Online website (DACO) will be a central point for all your dog and cat information, including microchip details, registration and payments. DACO replaces the 68 Individual Council systems and current microchip databases.

Failure to register a dog is an offence under the Act and the owner or person responsible for the dog may be fined.

To register your dog or cat visit DACO.

New Dog and Cat Laws

New Laws introduced in South Australia have come into effect as of 1 July 2018. 

From 1 July 2018 it is compulsory for:

  • All dogs and cats over a certain age to be microchipped
  • All new generations of dogs and cats (born after 1 July 2018) to be desexed (exemptions apply)

These changes are designed to crease the likelihood of lost or impounded dogs and cats being reunited with their owners and reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned litters on pounds and shelters.

Following the registration of a dog you are required to notify Council as soon as possible if the following events occur by updating your details on DACO (you do not need to contact Council):

  • The dog is moved to another premises
  • The dog dies or is missing for more than 72 hours
  • Ownership of the dog is transferred to another person

Registration Information

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Dog Registration Categories

Dog registration categories have also changed and will now fall under one of these two categories. This is to assist with streamlining registrations throughout the state.

Standard Dog: A that is both Desexed and Microchipped

Non-standard Dog: all other dogs, even if they exempt from rules and desexing or microchipping such as dogs belonging to registered breeders, working livestock dogs

Renewal notices will still be posted out as of 1 July, with information on how to pay and update your details on the DACO online system. Registrations will still be an annual renew process.

All dogs aged 3 months or over and living on the property longer than 14 days must be registered on DACO. Persons registering a dog must be 16 years of age or older.

You will be required to pay a registration fee (pensioner concessions and other rebates are available).

Where can I make payment?

Payment can be made online via the DACO website.

Dogs must be re-registered by the 31 August each year. Please be aware that a late fee of $18.25 may be applied if not paid by the due date.

Dog Registration Fees

The maximum dog registration fee for the City of Adelaide area is set at $73, which will be used to subsidise a range of dog management services.

Dog registrations must be renewed by 31 August each year. A late fee of $18.25 may be applied if not paid by the due date. An expiation fee may also apply.

2018/2019 Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Standard Dog $36.50
Non-standard dog  $73.00
Late fee 
Payments received after 31 August
Failure to register

Concession of 50 per cent applies to Eligible Benefits Card holders on the above fees only.


  • A copy of Desexing Papers must be uploaded into DACO for all Standard Dog registrations.
  • For Concession payments, temporary Concession proof must be provided each year.

More Information

For more information about the new dog and cat laws, visit the Dog and Cat Board website

To register any new dogs or cats visit the Dogs and Cats Online website.

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